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Safe storage: what is it? The advantages of a service for business

In this article, you will find:

  • the description of safe storage;
  • video on this topic: analysis of the service advantages;
  • from what depends a cost;
  • on what to pay attention in composition of storage responsibility agreement;
  • bonus: the links to the ready-made solutions for your business.

Safe storage service is a transfer of goods or cargo to a warehouse of a third-party company for its Safe storage. This service is convenient for those people who do not need a permanent warehouse due to the fulfillment of single orders.

In Ukraine the service of safe storage is used by companies that work in wholesale and retail trade seasonally. The plants-manufacturers use for storage the warehouses of distribution and ЗPL companies with which they concluded the contracts. Transferring goods to logistics operators is cheaper than purchasing, building or renting a warehouse.

The search of a warehouse for a truck driver is relevant in case of road breakdowns when the goods can be unloaded for the time of repair. If the goods have been delivered to the port and a cargo ship is expected to have the next voyage, the cargo carriers rent the warehouses nearby for the temporary maintenance of the goods. This service is also suitable for entrepreneurs when moving an office or production workshop.

The responsible storage conditions in warehouse real estate have the following advantages:

  1. Savings on rent and maintenance of a warehouse, purchase of equipment. There is no need to pay for the maintenance of working and security personnel.
  2. The company bears a full responsibility for saving of all temperature and quality indicators of the goods which are at the warehouse.
  3. Savings money on maintenance of loading equipment and on loading-unloading operations.
  4. Collecting and processing of batches for storage (pallet strapping, marking), delivery of goods to the end consumer or transfer to the forwarder under the invoice, taking into account the expiration date and batch number.
  5. Free choice of box or container, shelf life of products.
  6. High indicators of the level of equipment of modern warehouse buildings.
  7. Individual cargo insurance against damage, theft, force majeure conditions, provision of round-the-clock security.

Safe storage warehouse

Warehouses for responsible storage do not require investments from a property owner. The logistics companies that receive the goods are responsible for the safety of its quality. Rent of warehouses for safe storage, in contrast to the rent of warehouses for temporary storage, allows to export goods in parts. The time of shipment must be agreed with the employees of logistics company.Goods can be stored in boxes, cells, containers, pallets, on shelves, racks or on the floor, regardless of their value. Keeping grain in elevators, for example, will only improve the storage process and help to receive a better product in a result.

The warehouses of responsible storage can be technically equipped in such a way as to comply with the required level of lighting, humidity and temperature modes for the preservation of cargo quality characteristics. The product owner does not care about the availability of the required indications. Dry hangars are also suitable for equipment storage.

Costs of Safe storage

The owner of the goods pays exclusively for the area of ​​the warehouse facilities occupied by his cargo. He does not overpay for the rent of an unused area and does not pay the utility bills. This is a very economical scheme for a client if he knows exactly the volume of cargo that will be located in the warehouse. On the contrary, in rent, they pay for the entire area of ​​the premises, regardless of the percentage of its use. The price for safekeeping of goods depends on the class of the warehouse, location and conditions. Loading and unloading, processing, the formation of orders are paid separately. Each warehouse maintains its own accounting of loads, and if this system is automated maximally, it will only be a plus.

The agreement for Safe storage

An agreement for responsible storage is one document in which one party transfers the inventory items to another individual or legal entity in order to provide safety for a certain period, taking into account the return of goods to the first party.The agreement is concluded mainly in a written form and the acceptance of products is confirmed by a receipt. These conditions are prescribed – object (name, type, article, color, registration numbers), terms, rights and obligations of the parties, cost and payment procedure. If necessary, the condition of the property at the time of transfer to the warehouse is fixed by photography.

The keeper undertakes not to touch the package of the goods only if this is not the purpose of its storage in working order. If the client will not respond to the message, for example, about outgoing unpleasant odors from the product, the warehouse workers themselves eliminate the harmful effect. If a logistics company loses or damages someone else’s property, it will be forced to compensate the damage for the owner, depending on the terms of the contract.

The main advantage of concluding an outsourcing agreement for the storage of goods is to reduce the expenses of this service implementation. Safe storage allows you to reduce time and financial costs at all stages of the distribution and logistics chains.

To register your own warehouse building, you need to arrange a lot of accompanying documents, therefore, to store the products in a safe storage warehouse is a more profitable process for entrepreneurs. The given service is now in great demand due to the savings in time and logistics costs.

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