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Warehousing services digital ecosystem for small-, medium-sized businesses, and 3PLs

In 2020, the eCommerce domain has grown more than 4 times. As customers’ expectations are still rising, companies face new challenges. It’s about how to manage stocks, process, and deliver orders faster. The quality of warehousing operations directly impacts companies’ financial performance.

Large market players use 3PL-providers services to increase client service quality and establish logistics. Logistics companies can manage any scale of warehousing operations. It’s key to successful logistics processes.

But 3PLs have not engaged in collaboration with small and medium businesses. It’s unprofitable to work with low turnovers. It’s unreliable to sign short-term contracts. It takes a long time and much money to integrate Warehouse Management Systems with ERP.

We’ve developed WareTeka to solve the problem of collaborating 3PLs with businesses. The platform takes upon itself operations and requests creation from SMB to logistics providers.


Our goal

Unite all 3PLs and SMB together. Logistics providers get access to new clients, and companies have a convenient tool to manage warehousing operations online. 

History of the project:

WareTeka has been working in the Ukrainian market for more than 1 year. We’ve already become the largest logistics real estate platform.

WareTeka has set up the largest warehouses database in Ukraine. It’s a couple of thousand different facilities with a total storage area of over 6 700 000 sq.m. across the country. We’ve done that in less than 1 year after launching the platform.

In autumn of 2020 WareTeka has entered the Polish warehousing logistics market. The number of ads and partners is growing.

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The project’s team has already developed a unique service. It’s WareTeka On-Demand, a single interface to manage warehousing operations online. Here entrepreneurs can sign contracts with 3PLs, control unloadings, monitor warehouse stocks, calculate prices, pay for services, track the order processing status, work with e-flows, etc.

WareTeka On-Demand is connected with 3PLs’ WMS through API. So, an entrepreneur just needs to create a personal account and start working with a logistics partner.

WareTeka solves SMB’s problems and makes 3PL’s operations easier

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What does WareTeka offer a business?

  • A convenient and user-friendly tool to manage warehousing operations online.
  • Access to high-quality warehousing services for the best possible value.
  • Decreasing logistics costs due to process optimization.
  • Prompt data exchange with 3PLs.

What does WareTeka offer 3PLs?​

  • A single interface to manage storage space.
    Increasing the number of requests from clients.
  • Automation of work with business orders.
  • Access to a large scale of new clients.
Warehousing digital ecosystem for SMB & 3PL operators - 4

Our partners

We develop the warehousing logistics market with our partners

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WareTeka. Breaking new ground in warehousing logistics for business

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