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It is very important for entrepreneurs to save time for many issues that require a quick solution. If legal entities and individuals need new premises, they turn to an intermediary in the real estate market – a broker who will offer convenient options.



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Brokerage services in logistics

A broker is a representative of an agency or licensed brokerage company who mediates transactions and assists clients in buying, selling or renting premises. Brokers evaluate commercial real estate, draw up documents and help with settlements. They receive a commission for transactions, which is calculated as a fixed amount or a percentage of the value of the object.
Brokerage services include consulting, priority, informative and transparency function (the duty to inform the client about all actions on the order). The concept of projects, which is formed on the basis of consulting support, is aimed at identifying target groups of clients and the number of prospective tenants. Brokers advise property owners on planning and the optimal sequence for leasing premises.
As practice shows, with the help of a broker, financial flows for both parties of the deal are optimized, the efficiency of commercial implementation of projects is increased and the searching for premises is accelerated. In the logistics real estate sector, miscalculations are unacceptable because the misrepresentation of the interests of the tenant or landlord can have a decisive impact on the business.

A real estate broker has many responsibilities, but let’s outline the most basic:

  • consideration of price offers, professional seeking tenants or buyers, offering suitable options based on the interests of the client;
  • consultations on the best conditions for renting and selling an object;
  • organizing and conducting property views;
  • provision of documents and other information about the object;
  • coordination of an advertising campaign to attract clients, branding of real estate;
  • assistance in negotiating a lease-sale agreement;
  • transaction support.

Brokers must be able to find a common language with different people, as the ability to negotiate helps to avoid many mistakes and delays. If they represent the interests of tenants, then they negotiate; if firms and landlords – perform an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the object, analyze competitors and research rental rates.

Commercial real estate broker services are multi-stage work that includes a well-organized marketing campaign and leads to the preparation of the correct lease agreement. The regional market is gradually being added to the sphere of influence of logistics brokers, whose activities are mainly concentrated in Kyiv. This is due to the active development of commercial real estate and the entry of international investment companies into the Ukrainian market.

Brokerage companies of Ukraine

In Ukraine, brokerage services on the WareTeka platform are provided by Astra-Kiev and CBRE. For example, Astra-Kiev operates as a real estate agency (services for owners, developers, tenants and buyers of warehouse and retail real estate) and a marketing researcher. It provides support to the customer at all stages of work: assistance in developing the most effective strategy for seeking an object, preparing a comparative analysis of technical and commercial parameters, minimizing customer risks, giving advice on choosing the best options, assistance in obtaining the most advantageous offers from owners. CBRE, as an international consulting firm, has a long history in the real estate market and has offices in over 100 countries.

The demand for broker services is growing, as the number of offers on the commercial real estate market is constantly increasing. We follow the development of this segment, and we assure that trusted brokerage companies from the WareTeka platform will inform you about the most relevant, profitable market offers and direct the business at the right rate to profit!

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