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Warehouses of Ukraine

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Warehouse Listing on WareTeka

Warehouses are an important element in every company’s logistics. They are used not only for storage, but also for goods handling, their preparation for shipment, loading, and unloading. However, searching for a suitable storage facility for all business needs is challenging. It is important to study warehouse types and classes, different offers, terms of rental, general trends in the logistics real estate market. It is a time- and resource-consuming process. The solution can be using the WareTeka platform. Thanks to the wide warehouse networks throughout Ukraine, a business can find a storehouse quickly and qualitatively.

Most companies rent a warehouse. The rental has many advantages. There is no need to invest in warehouse construction, repair, it is possible to move in and use it immediately. However, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to storage facilities rental. A company should understand what premises characteristics to pay attention to, how to choose the best variant, how to define a reliable landlord, how to minimize costs, and at the same time not lose efficiency.

Overview of the Ukrainian Industrial and Warehouse Real Estate Market

The logistics real estate market of Ukraine has changed. While demand for residential property has declined, commercial real estate has been becoming even more popular. The demand for warehouses is particularly high. This happens due to the shifting of a business from offline to online, the growing number of omnichannel shops, and the eCommerce segment popularity.

Urban logistics premises are in big demand in Kyiv and other major cities of Ukraine. In addition, modern storehouses should meet all warehouse logistics requirements, be as automated as possible, etc. Finding such an object is a challenge for a business.

A company has to choose: to order warehouse logistics services from 3PL providers or to rent premises. However, during searching for a suitable warehouse, it may face new difficulties: where to find a place that meets all business requirements, and at the same time to be sure of the deal security. Searching on websites that do not specialize in warehouse real estate can be risky. It makes sense to pay attention to the WareTeka platform — the verified warehouse listing in Ukraine. There are offers for renting and selling class A, B, and C warehouses on our website.  These are specialized premises built according to all modern logistics requirements. A company can find a suitable storage facility and close the deal without long searching and risks.

How to find a warehouse space: tips from WareTeka experts

Warehouse logistics requires well-organized processes. To choose a suitable warehouse, a business has to analyze the future warehouse functions carefully. For example, a storage facility should be as close to the city as possible for the last mile delivery. If you plan to use a warehouse for long-term storage of seasonal products, pay attention to the property outside the built-up area. WareTeka experts recommend selecting a warehouse for a rental considering the following features:

  • Type. The premises should be selected according to the type of products that will be stored in a warehouse. For example, for metal or wood products, an ambient warehouse is the best option. The humidity level is carefully controlled so that wood will not become raw and the iron will not be corroded. If you have to place goods in different storage conditions, a multi-temperature warehouse is suitable. The premises are divided into several areas. The temperature regime is different in each area. It is possible to store different categories of goods. 
  • Class. This parameter describes the warehouse state. For example, a D-class storehouse is a building that was not originally intended to store products. Class A warehouses are upgraded facilities with all the necessary infrastructure. Only products that do not require strict conditions can be stored in low-grade warehouses.
  • Space. To optimize the cost of the warehouse operations, a business needs to calculate the necessary storage space. If the area is too large, it will be misused. But on the other hand, it is necessary to calculate the necessary space from the business development perspective. To increase storage space, a high-level storage rack can be used.
  • Degree of mechanization. Warehouse equipment facilitates unloading/loading processes, provides optimal conditions for transport 

Why is it beneficial to find a warehouse on WareTeka?

One more important task is where to look for the premises. A business searches through websites with ads where it is not possible to select a warehouse property according to all necessary criteria — class, type, space, price, etc. WareTeka was created to solve these business challenges.

Besides the possibility of selecting a warehouse according to specific parameters, our platform has many other advantages.

  • Wide logistics real estate listing in Ukraine;
  • Real photos of the premises and reliable information on warehouse characteristics;
  • Cooperation with verified landlords and certified brokers;
  • Convenient and fast search of premises thanks to filters and interactive warehouse map;
  • Possibility of selecting premises taking into account additional characteristics such as storage equipment, video surveillance availability, parking, etc.

If a company has any questions about cooperation, it can contact our support chat.

How to find a warehouse real estate using filters and a Ukrainian warehouse map

Since our platform specializes exclusively in the selection of warehouses, we have created filters that will help a business find premises for its specific request. WareTeka users can sort offers by type of transaction (buying or selling), type, class, location, and can place storage facilities on the website. If a company needs a ramp, a freight elevator, fire suppression, and a security system, it can specify this in “More Search Options”. By renting a warehouse with equipment, the business gets optimized work of a warehouse without unnecessary investment.

To ensure a high speed of goods transportation from the warehouse to the final point of consumption, it is important to analyze the warehouse location and the nearest transportation interchanges. For this purpose, WareTeka developers implemented an interactive map. Here you can see the location of all warehouses on the territory of Ukraine or one selected object.

What does the cost of renting warehouses in Ukraine depend on?

The price of storage facilities depends on many factors. It is worth considering not only the price itself but also what it includes. For example, utility charges may or may not be included in the cost. 

The technical characteristics of a warehouse are decisive in price formation for the premises. Class A warehouses are the most expensive. However, they completely meet the modern warehouse logistics requirements. It is also worth looking at Class B or Class C warehouses that meet the needs of a small company but are more affordable. Moreover, such warehouses can be found in every region of Ukraine, unlike the top-class warehouses that are usually located in big cities. But you don’t have to pay attention only to the cheapness of the rental. So, for example, if you choose a Class D warehouse, you can lose a lot of money by investing in repairs, communications systems, etc. These premises are suitable only for goods that do not require special storage conditions and are resistant to severe environmental conditions.

The rental term is also important. A lessor can reduce the price if a business is willing to rent a warehouse for a long time.

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