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Warehouse logistics services

Full control of logistics at all stages. 3PL companies of the WareTeka platform are ready to take all logistics operations under their responsibility. Clients receive orders right on time, and you get an impeccable quality of service.

Logistics providers offer optimal solutions for small, medium and large businesses at an adequate price.

Below is a list of reliable 3PL operators in Ukraine, which are the best in the field of warehouse services and have been providing their services with high quality for many years.

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Features of the work of 3PL companies

3pl providers have their own fleet of vehicles for the transportation of goods, warehouse complexes, forwarding service. Large logistics providers are investing in the development of specialized software that improves operational efficiency.

3pl providers of Ukraine: how to choose a reliable provider

Companies that care about the safety of goods and the quality of services choose 3pl providers responsibly.

A few tips to help you find a reliable provider:

  • Trust the logistics to one company. This significantly reduces the number of links in the chain and simplifies the management of all processes.
  • A 3pl company must maintain a high level of customer service.
  • Choose a logistics provider with a wider range of services than is needed at the moment. As the company grows, the list of requirements for a 3pl provider will increase. If the provider meets the business needs at any stage, there is no need to frequently look for new contractors.
  • Give preference to logistics providers with good IT potential and electronic document flow. The cost of the services of such companies is higher, but in the future they pay off due to the low probability of errors in work.

Due to the high growth rates of Ukrainian e-commerce, the Third-party logistics market is constantly evolving. Today, you can choose a provider that will meet your business requirements to 100%. TOP 3PL companies of Ukraine are Raben Ukraine, FM Logistics, Meest Express, Denka Logistics, etc.

Safe storage, transportation of goods, cross-docking – what services are provided by 3pl companies:

Cooperation with 3PL providers implies the complete transfer of logistics processes to another party. Depending on the needs of the business, the list of logistics outsourcing services includes:

  • Provision of warehouses for safekeeping. This is an opportunity to place a cargo for storage for a certain period in the warehouse of a 3PL provider without renting a room. The customer pays for the service only upon storage. The cost depends on the space occupied in the warehouse. The logistics company is responsible for the safety of the cargo for the storage period and guarantees the placement of goods, taking into account the norms for each product category.
  • Unloading of goods. The transport company delivers the goods to the warehouse, where the operator checks the products for quality and damage. During the inspection, a report is drawn up, where comments are recorded.
  • Cross-docking. This is the transfer of goods from one vehicle to another without an intermediate stage of long-term storage. The service is in demand among companies that value the speed of receiving the goods.
  • Packaging, packing and labeling of products. The service helps to increase brand awareness, to identify the characteristics of a particular product.
  • Enterprise inventory management. Thanks to the implementation of WMS, 3PL providers take care of tracking the costs of goods in the warehouse, informing cargo owners about the availability of stocks, processing orders from buyers.
  • Record keeping. Warehouse logistics automation systems allow 3PL providers to keep records of product inventory levels, shelf life of goods, rate of resource consumption, and so on in real time.
  • Transportation and distribution of goods. A 3PL provider is responsible not only for moving goods from point A to point B, but also intelligently plans the location for storing goods for quick delivery to the consumer in the end. Planning increases service satisfaction, reduces supply chain management costs.

Statistics show that more than 60% of Ukrainian companies prefer to outsource logistics.

Prices of warehouse services

The cost of storage services depends on the type of business and the volume of products. Thus, the price for warehouse services is calculated individually based on the parameters:

  • Product weight and dimensions. The transportation of heavy cargo significantly complicates the transportation of goods to the warehouse, and the storage of oversized products requires competent planning of the place in the warehouse. These factors affect the final cost of warehouse services.
  • Necessary conditions for storing cargo. Such categories of goods, such as food or pharmaceutical products, require strict temperature regimes during storage, which affects the cost.
  • Warehouse service type. Logistics companies offer to rent a storage room for products or use the safekeeping service. In the first case, the customer pays the rent per month (most often, it is calculated based on the required area). Responsible storage assumes a one-time payment depending on the duration of the cargo being in the warehouse and its volume. As a rule, with responsible storage, the cost of warehouse services is significantly reduced.
  • The purpose of the warehouse. If the products need to be stored in a warehouse with a certain temperature regime, the cost of services is higher.
  • Provision of additional services. For example, loading and unloading goods by hand or using technology, packaging, sorting products.

The WareTeka platform helps you familiarize yourself with the list of 3PL providers services and choose a reliable partner for your business logistics needs.

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