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    Global ecosystem to source and rent a warehouse

    All warehouses at Wareteka are organized according to a user-friendly structure, which means a tenant will easily and find your warehouse and contact you in the shortest time. 

    The biggest warehouse listing in Ukraine

    Our visitors are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, international companies, 3PL operators, local and global brokerage companies. All ads are validated and contain high-quality photos, full descriptions.

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    High-quality and convenient information service

    A convenient way to search and select a property for your requirements. Get expert advice and assistance in choosing an object that meets your needs. Don’t waste your time finding suitable storage facilities on various unverified online resources.

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      Why you should try working with WareTeka

      Answering questions

      WareTeka is a specialized platform to rent and sell logistics real estate. Our customizable filters help you to select a warehouse by type, class and storage space in all cities of Ukraine.

      Today, there are no centralized listings of storage facilities, 3Pl providers and brokers services on the Ukrainian logistics real estate market. Free classifieds sites are focused on finding commercial real estate in general, making it difficult to compare, verify, and control information.

      WareTeka offers:

      • A complete logistics real estate listing to give you can the necessary information about warehouse options without wasting time.
      • Cooperation with reliable landowners.
      • The system to sort information and properties comparison tool.
      • Simplification warehouse leasing.
      • Personal account with up-to-date information about rented warehouses.
      • Tools to analyze and control commodity neighborhood in the delivered warehouses.

      WareTeka focuses exclusively on warehousing logistics services, making it much easier to find storage space.

      The platform helps both business owners and landlords. Entrepreneurs can find the most suitable logistics property for their requirements, and landlords can sell and grant lease of their warehouses as soon as possible.

      On the platform, you can find a warehouse for any business domain: FMCG, E-commerce, electronics, pharmaceuticals, Food and Non-Food Retail, agricultural industry, etc.

      Commercial real estate is published on websites regardless of purpose. It gets complicated to search for specialized storage facilities. In addition, important searching options such as type and class are unavailable. WareTeka solves the problems associated with renting, selling, providing logistics services in the field of logistics real estate.

      We will help to increase the recognition of your property

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