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Diad Logistic

About Us

Company’s mission

Saving money and resources of clients through automation and optimization of business processes as a direct consequence of the transition to outsourcing of logistics services.

The purpose of the company

Accelerate and improve anything that can be accelerated and improved.

DIAD-LOGISTIC” is a logistics company that has been providing a full cycle of warehouse processing and delivery of goods to its customers in Kyiv (Vyshneve), Dnipro and Kharkiv since 2014.

Transport services:
Diad Logistic - 2

Long-haul transportation

own, rented and hired vehicles (awning, solid metal) with a carrying capacity from 5 t to 22 t, volume up to 160 m3

Cross-docking (in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv)

acceptance, reloading, forwarding and delivery of the customer’s goods to retail chains or linear retail without storage in a warehouse

The main advantages of using cross-docking are:

  • shorter delivery times
  • lower logistics costs – no storage costs
  • outstripping competitors
  • increase in turnover

Delivery to the DC of retail chains in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv

delivery of the customer’s goods to distribution centers of national and local networks (ATB, Silpo, Epicenter, EVA, Watsons, Prostor, Cosmo, Auchan, Varus, Novus, Rozetka, Megamarket, Metro C&C, Eldorado, Klass, Rost, Delight, Posad, Miracle Market other)

Cold logistics

delivery across Ukraine and import from Poland of large consignments of food products and compatible groups of goods requiring temperature control.

own two-zone 20 t refrigerator (up to -22 ℃), in the presence of a sanitary book and a sanitary passport.

Warehouse services:

Diad Logistic - 3

Responsible storage of goods

  1. multi-tiered pallet storage system
  2. anti-dust floor
  3. modern loading equipment
  4. Shelving storage of small-sized and piece goods

Diad Logistic - 4Food storage

  1. food products
  2. groceries
  3. raw materials and semi-finished products for the food industry

Industrial equipment storage

storage of equipment

  1. production
  2. electronic
  3. banking

Diad Logistic - 5

Order fulfillment (outsourcing of warehouse services or 3PL)

  1. acceptance of goods from suppliers
  2. mechanical or manual unloading
  3. safe custody
  4. formation of consignments of various configurations and complexity
  5. execution of accompanying documents
  6. loading into the customer’s transport or sending by courier companies
  7. work with returns and rejects

And also: temporary storage of consignments, distribution center, warm warehouse, pre-sale preparation of goods, inventory control, accounting and tracking of expiration dates, transshipment of containers, railway cars.

Automation of processes in a warehouse, based on WMS

WMS (Warehouse Management System – warehouse management system) is used to automate processes in warehouses of any purpose and configuration, and is also successfully used by logistics operators within one warehouse to configure and control operations of customers with different needs and work formats

The main advantages of using WMS:

  • reduction of storage costs
  • reduction in operating costs
  • reduction of losses from errors and delays in warehouse operation
  • effective planning and provision of target indicators (KPI)
  • efficient use of space
  • efficient use of equipment and loading equipment
  • efficient use of human resources
  • time standards for the execution of operations
  • service quality management

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