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    Logistics providers


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    Vacant pallet positions

    All Warehouse Services on the One Platform

    Our partners’ warehouse network covers entire Ukraine


    More than 100

    Storage facilities for
    any goods

    Proper temperature conditions
    from -18 to +25 C°

    Providing You
    with Warehouse Services
    Throughout Ukraine

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    Matching and Providing Your Business
    with Warehouse Services

    Storage and Warehousing

    The full range of services to store and process your palletized freight on an outsourcing basis. WareTeka matches an appropriate warehousing partner right for your business

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    Develop your business while your fulfillment provider ensures your logistics processes: from storage and processing to delivery. WareTeka matches the right partner for you

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    Wondering how to deliver small palletized consignments in different cities? WareTeka matches an appropriate cross-docking partner

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    Having a large volume of orders to pick for your B2C consumers? WareTeka matches a logistics partner for the flow-through distribution

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    Willing to extend average order value or pack product bundles during high-day seasons? WareTeka matches the best co-packing partner right for your business

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    Bonded Warehouse Services

    Are you engaged in commodities import or export? WareTeka places your goods on storage and selects a bonded warehouse services partner

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    Integrated Logistics Services
    (storage and delivery)

    Store and move your goods with a single 3PL provider to avoid expected losses in your supply chains. WareTeka matches the right partner for integrated logistics services

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    Going to outsource special services such as labeling, localization, marking, packaging?  Outsource the processes with your 3PL provider, and WareTeka matches the best one 

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    Renting/Purchasing Warehouse

    Going to establish and manage your storage facility by using your resources? Just contact WareTeka to match the most suitable warehouse

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    Haven’t found warehouse services you need? Just send us a request

    Working With any Types of Goods

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    Proper storage conditions are the key to maintaining the quality of foodstuffs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage of such goods

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    Household chemicals can affect other goods’ properties. So, make sure to follow commodity neighborhoods’ rules. Explore how WareTeka helps

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    and Perfumery

    Just one type of cosmetics can have hundreds of SKUs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage and picking processes of such products

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    Consumer Electronics is a high-priced and fragile type of goods. Discover how WareTeka establishes the best conditions to store and handle consumer electronics

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    One vehicle has more than 100 000 auto-parts. Learn how WareTeka creates flexible and fast solutions to store and manage an auto-parts range

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    You need a specialized warehouse to store and process pharmaceuticals. Explore how WareTeka can help

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    Building materials have different specifications and dimensions. Learn how WareTeka helps to undertake storage and picking processes of these products

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    and many other
    types of goods

    Haven’t found the types of goods you need? See the full list and learn what solutions WareTeka offers for other types of goods

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    Warehouses to Store Everything You Need

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    from +6 to +25 °C

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    from 0 to +6 °C

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    -18 C°

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    from -18 to +25 °C

    How It Works

    Receiving your request
    Matching the most appropriate warehouse services providers for your business
    Guiding you on every stage of your collaboration with a 3PL provider
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    Studying specifics of your company’s operations: types of goods, volumes, services you need
    Affording offers from several warehouse services providers
    Providing you with an online personal account to manage your requests to the 3PL provider
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    Receiving your request


    Studying specifics of your company’s operations:
    types of goods, volumes, services you need


    Matching the most appropriate warehouse services providers for your business


    Affording offers from several warehouse services providers


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    Guiding you on every stage of your collaboration with a 3PL provider


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    Providing you with an online personal account to manage your requests to the 3PL provider


    Manage your logistics with professionals and focus on your business

    We offer not warehouse logistics services outsourcing, but the solution that perfectly
    fits your company

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      Warehouse logistics outsourcing is a transfer of warehouse logistics tasks to a third-party provider. A logistics partner provides the resources to effectively solve the issues related to goods storage, processing, distribution, and delivery to the end consumer. Warehouse logistics services that are performed by a 3PL provider may vary according to the needs of a client and the types of services that a logistics provider offers.

      Logistics outsourcing has many advantages. Some of them are: 

      • A provider solves logistics issues even on weekends and holidays; 
      • There is no necessity to invest in a warehouse rental, a truck fleet, special equipment, training, and salary for warehouse staff; 
      • Logistics and customer services quality improvements; 
      • Competitive advantage acquisition; 
      • If cooperation is ineffective, changing a logistics provider is easier than replacing an entire staff.

      Logistics outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core business. A disadvantage of outsourcing can be a high cost for a provider’s services. However, costs for a warehouse rental, salary for warehouse staff, purchase of equipment can be much higher, than payment to a logistics provider. Most of the time warehouse logistics outsourcing will be profitable.

      Logistics services are a range of services that are connected with the movement of goods, their processing, loading, and unloading, accompanying documentation. These services are performed by logistics providers. Logistics services outsourcing is advantageous for most companies. For example, warehouse logistics outsourcing allows reducing warehouse maintenance costs.

      A range of logistics services includes warehousing, storage of goods, customs processing, packing, returns handling, delivery, value-added services. With some logistics issues company with developed logistics can deal on their own. However, it is easier and more cost-effective to delegate specific logistics services, such as bonded warehouse services, to a logistics partner. Through outsourcing, a company can achieve business processes automation without additional costs.

      Warehouse logistics is the process related to stock management, warehouse organization, efficient product placement, loading and unloading works, handling of goods. In the field of warehouse services outsourcing is a highly demanded solution. A client does not need to manage warehouse operations, train staff, maintain equipment. A logistics provider undertakes all warehouse logistics issues.

      3PL providers are core companies that deal with the logistics problems of a client. They provide storage, handling, value-added services, and guarantee the security of goods. Your company does not need to create its own logistics department, build infrastructure, buy equipment, and transport. It gets a high-quality solution to its logistics issues without cost and time waste.

      Your company reduces costs as warehouse logistics outsourcing obviates the need to spend money on renting and obtaining a warehouse, recruitment, and training of personnel, salaries, purchase of warehouse equipment, etc. Outsourcing of logistics implies that the company can use all the resources of its partner. You pay the 3PL operator only based on the work performed – for each operation. Moreover, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. You can spend this time on business development: increase the range of products, expand sales channels and increase the level of customer service.
      WareTeka collaborates with leading logistics providers on the Ukrainian market. They are such companies as Pakline Group, DB Schenker, FM Logistics, Denka Logistics, etc. Even national retailers outsource their warehousing logistics to these 3PL providers.
      From a financial point of view, warehousing logistics outsourcing is more profitable for small and mid-sized businesses. You pay only for the space your goods occupy. So, there is no need to maintain unused storage areas.
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