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Euro-Asian Logistic Company (EALK)

Adress: st. Novokonstantynivska 13/10, Kyiv city

About Us

The EALK company was founded by Andrey Radchenko to implement his many years of experience in logistics.

At the moment, we are acting as a 3PL-provider, which integrates its processes into the 4PL logistics format in order to provide a higher level of logistics services.

We offer a wide range of services, such as transport logistics and warehouse logistics, customs services, cross-docking operations, fulfillment, planning and design of all supply links.

Our warehouse uses the WMS Logistic Vision Suite management system, with the help of which productivity growth, optimization of warehouse operations is ensured, the volume of processed goods increases, inventory balances are reduced, the human factor is leveled, KPIs are increased, and the percentage of errors is reduced, the ability to provide information in real time. This system has an integrated transport management system TMS (Transportation Management System), thanks to which we can more efficiently coordinate the work of the warehouse and transport, which gives an additional effect by reducing transport downtime and optimizing routes.

Among our immediate goals is the expansion of our activities not only in Ukraine, but also abroad, attracting new volumes of cargo turnover, but most importantly, this is not extensive growth, but technological innovations that can increase efficiency.

Having started the project in Kyiv, now we are distributing it throughout Ukraine. The concept of the network includes an e-ordering capability that will integrate this business with the e-commerce industry. In both cases, it is necessary to have a warehouse technology for processing orders and their subsequent delivery to the consumer in the store or home.

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Fulfillment operations:

  • receiving goods from the supplier;
  • responsible storage;
  • order processing (call center);
  • complete set, order packing;
  • repackaging of goods;
  • filling in warranty cards;
  • delivery to the door by the best courier service;
  • reporting;
  • processing returns;
  • payment service (accepting payment from the recipient);
  • photo studio services.

Benefits of fulfillment service:

  • savings – no need to rent or build your own warehouse, hire personnel, buy additional equipment and software;
  • minimal participation in all processes, which will simplify the work of the owner of the online store;
  • the entire range of goods is always available in stock;
  • fulfillment delivery is the control of couriers, negotiations with delivery services carried out by our specialists. This will help minimize any overlap;
  • if desired, the buyer can pick up the goods from the warehouse.

Fulfillment services eliminate the need to rent or build their own warehouse, establish logistics processes, hire qualified personnel, which allows significant savings.

Why should you choose EALC for servicing your online store:

  • complex service;
  • customized solutions;
  • personal manager;
  • highly qualified employees;
  • use of powerful WMS and TMS systems;
  • low error rate (0.01%);
  • providing the most optimal type of delivery and payment;
  • reporting;
  • only received services are paid.

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    Adress: st. Novokonstantynivska 13/10, Kyiv city

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