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FLF Fulfilment

Adress: st. Robocha, 32, Brodetske lane

About Us

FLF FULFILLMENT: outsourced warehousing operations

The lowest price

We have really low rates in Ukraine! Why? Well, for example, because we don’t spend the huge funds on rent, We are located where there is no need to waste a lot on company maintenance. And yet, Nova Poshta is located near us, so we save money on parcel transportation to a post office. We’re sure that it’s necessary to provide high-quality services in large quantities at the lowest price. It’s the driving force of any business development.

  • Only 8.99 UAH for the packaging and delivery services regardless of the tariff!
  • Well-planned logistics. If you build high-quality service, everything should be close by.
  • A large number of high-quality services. 
  • Nova Poshta is located near us. 
  • + only 1 UAH for an additional item in the box. 
  • FREE storage of three pallets. The rest – 125 UAH per month for one. 

Responsive service 

One of our benefits is live tech support by Telegram or phone. You can combine our employees and your managers, who will work with us, on Telegram chat. No bots and waiting on the line!

  • Combining your employees and our operators on one Telegram chat. 
  • Prompt response. No messages will be left unanswered. If your employees wrote to us, our operators are obligated to react and confirm the information acceptance with a separate message. 
  • The opportunity to control a situation online. 
  • You can view the entire correspondence history, see how tasks are being solved, and it’s all on your mobile phone!


We’re very fast. Probably, you heard rapid delivery and the final mile are important for your client. A customer wants “for yesterday”.

The orders are sent on the same day, and then, Nova Poshta, the fastest delivery service in Ukraine, works. 

The terms and tariffs for delivery by Nova Poshta in different cities are almost the same, For example, a parcel from Kyiv to Dnipro will go the same time as from Vinnytsia to Dnipro. Delivery will cost the same in both cases. 

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    Adress: st. Robocha, 32, Brodetske lane

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