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IGLAR Logistics

Adress: st. Boryspilska 9, building 57, Kyiv city

About Us

Every online store faces the need for warehouse development. Maintenance of warehouse facilities is not something unique, difficult, special. But, on the other hand, it’s a costly, responsible, and laborious routine process. Therefore, by outsourcing this service, entrepreneurs will be able to develop their businesses faster, excluding many expenses:
  • Storage space ownership (renting or buying);
  • Staff salaries (security, loaders, storekeepers); 
  • Warehouse equipment purchasing (pallet jacks, stackers, loaders, racks, etc); 
  • Packaging equipment purchasing (stretch wrap, boxes, cardboard, etc); 
  • Building communications with warehouse (software for warehouse, internet, telephone, printer). 

What you can delegate to IGLAR Logistics

Logistics outsourcing (fulfillment) is a profitable analog that eliminates warehouse routine. 

By using warehousing storage service, you will discover the benefits: 

IGLAR Logistics - 2

  • Sufficient storage space, without restrictions in size and dimensions, with convenient races for trucks; 
  • Secured territory with loaders, storekeepers, cameras inside and outside of the warehouse. 
  • Loading and unloading equipment (a set of everything necessary for storage), and also the set of packaging materials; 
  • Managing consignments (changing data) online;
  • Orders pick up point of your online store on our address; 
  • “Important delivery” – insurance of valuable cargo, special processing conditions. 
  • Sending from the warehouse 2 times per day. 

Also additional fulfillment services include:

  • Loading and unloading;
  • Analytical reports; 
  • Orders sorting and picking; 
  • Cargo packaging for storage and transportation; 
  • Sales statistics and profitability of goods; 
  • Address pick up and parcels delivery; 
  • Inventory accounting system; 
  • Workplace for your employee; 
  • Purchasing and warehouse accounting; 
  • Cargo insurance for the period of transportation and storage; 
  • Tracking the revenue dynamics and goods balance on the retail outlets;
  • Inventory and accounting of goods balance.


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    Adress: st. Boryspilska 9, building 57, Kyiv city

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