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Meest China Fulfillment Warehouse (Poland)

Adress: Pass 21E, 05-870 Blonie, Poland

About Us

Meest China is the leader in the delivery of commercial parcels and cargoes from China. The company has been on the market for over 15 years. It has its own warehouse in Guangzhou and a well-developed logistics corridor for all types of delivery from the Middle Kingdom.

We offer a fulfillment warehouse in Poland for your goods from China.
This is a unique solution for the commodity business with China, which will allow you to completely go online.

Benefits of Meest China:

  • Fulfillment warehouse in Poland allows not to import large commercial lots, but to divide them into postal parcels even before the goods arrive in Ukraine. Such parcels are classified as duty-free.
  • Poland is an ideal location for warehouse fulfillment, because all transport hubs for the import of goods from China pass through its territory, and the proximity to Ukraine allows you to quickly deliver parcels to Ukrainian buyers.
  • Fulfillment warehouse accepts your goods for storage, forms parcels according to the orders of your customers and sends them from the warehouse directly to the hands of the end customer.
  • We do everything on a turnkey basis – from delivery from China by any type of transport with full support by a personal manager to storage of goods in an order fulfillment warehouse in Poland and delivery of the finished order to your buyer in Ukraine.

Range of services:

  • Delivery of commercial cargo from China to Poland – air / railway / sea.
  • Storage of your consignment at a customs warehouse in Poland.
  • Formation and collection of ready-made parcels for the order of your customers.
  • Delivery of the order to the hands of your client in Ukraine.

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Terms and conditions

  • we work with any weight and any cost of a consignment;
  • all warehouse services of Meest China in Guangzhou are available – check, packing, photo report;
  • delivery from China to Poland – from 14 days;
  • storage of goods in a customs warehouse in Poland up to 30 days – free;
  • shipments of parcels from Poland – every Monday, Wednesday, Friday;
  • delivery from Poland to Ukraine – 48 hours + 1-5 days delivery across Ukraine in the hands of the client.

Meest China Fulfillment Warehouse (Poland)

Meest China provides warehouse services in Blonie.

  • Warehouse type: dry, warm warehouse.
  • Class: A+.
  • Warehouse equipment: loading equipment, pallets, burglar alarm, fire extinguishing system, racks, loader, heating, ramp, video surveillance, ventilation system, mezzanine.

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    Adress: Pass 21E, 05-870 Blonie, Poland

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