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Adress: Im Mediapark 5, D-50670 Cologne, Germany

About Us

Fulfillment in Ukraine: 

  1. Storage, delivery, reverse logistics, and additional services
  2. Clients support on English, German, Ukrainian and Russian languages
  3. Warehousing in large Ukrainian cities – Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro
  4. Software compatibility
  5. Support and connection of the most popular software in Europe, CMS, etc
  6. Payment management in Ukraine
  7. Delivery from EU with necessary customs clearance in Ukraine
  8. Exclusive additional services
  9. Close partnership with supplier companies in Ukraine

Additional services

In addition to classical fulfillment services, we also offer services for e-commerce in Ukraine. For example, payments management, a hotline on Ukrainian or Russian language, online-marketing, freight forwarding from Germany to Ukraine, and, if necessary, back again. 

MOEZ GmbH - 2

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    Adress: Im Mediapark 5, D-50670 Cologne, Germany

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