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Adress: st. Kompresornaia,3, Bilohorodka village

About Us

The fulfillment is the complex of operations, which a seller performs from the moment of the ordering until delivering to a buyer. Most often, the fulfillment is used by online stores. It’s the delegating of all logistics order processing to an appropriate fulfillment-center. 


The fulfillment includes goods storage, receiving and processing orders, item picking and packing, delivery organizing, reverse logistics. 

The main benefits of fulfillment are:

  • cost optimization; 
  • Reducing capital costs for warehousing maintenance, etc; 
  • Reducing costs for IT; 
  • Reducing costs for staff maintenance; 
  • KPI tracking; 
  • Diversification of risks; 
  • Increasing quality and delivery speed. 

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    Adress: st. Kompresornaia,3, Bilohorodka village

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