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Talman Logistics

Adress: st. Antonova 1A, building 1, d 1-6, Chaiki

About Us

Talman is a national team of logistics professionals who have been effectively working at the level of a 3PL-provider since 1995 in the following areas:

  • Foreign economic activity, customs clearance
  • warehouse logistics, processing and pre-sale preparation of goods
  • delivery of goods to Customers throughout Ukraine

We provide a full range of logistics services.

Our logistics services take into account the peculiarities of national logistics in Ukraine.

Our main services are:

Talman Logistics - 2

Storage and handling of goods

Talman Logistics - 3

Customized logistics services

Talman Logistics - 4

Pre-sale preparation

Talman Logistics - 5

Customs brokerage services

Talman Logistics - 6

Transportation in Ukraine

Our advantages:

  • Convenient location of our warehouse complexes within the city of Kyiv and at a distance of 5 km from Kiev, near the southern and western highways, along which the main movement of goods flows from abroad and across the territory of Ukraine.
  • Logistic services for our Clients are carried out in a modern class “A” warehouse.
  • Transparency of inventory accounting and reporting to Clients.
  • Our company provides and guarantees safe storage of your goods on the principle of a multi-level control and security system.
  • The class “A” warehouse complex is provided with a modern video surveillance system, temperature and humidity control, fire extinguishing, as well as round-the-clock security service, both inside the warehouse and on the territory of the complex.
  • Warehouse services (warehouse rent, loading and unloading operations, etc.) are provided to the client in our class B warehouses in Kyiv and 5 km from the city limits along the Zhytomyr highway.
  • The company manages a transport fleet of 15 units of trucks delivering in Kyiv and the region at any time of the day.
  • Well-organized and well-established relations with partners allow us to quickly and efficiently distribute Clients’ goods, especially through retail chains, and transport services to all corners of Ukraine.
  • Experience in the field of customs clearance guarantees our Clients the efficiency and promptness of fulfilling the assigned tasks.
  • High-quality logistics services are confirmed by the certificate of compliance with DSTU ISO 9001: 2009, HACCP issued and valid from 2009 to the present, with an annual update taking into account changes in current legislation and customer requests

We provide our Clients with a full range of services, namely:

-safe storage;

– loading and unloading operations;

– order picking.

– repackaging;

– sticker;

– pre-sale preparation;

– packaging of promotional kits, etc.

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    Adress: st. Antonova 1A, building 1, d 1-6, Chaiki

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