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Unipost Fulfillment

Adress: st. Magnitogorska, 1B, Kyiv city

About Us

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Unipost is a universal order fulfillment operator for online stores, which takes care of all the operating systems for organizing goods storage, order processing, picking parcels and working with cash on delivery.

We process your customers’ orders from the shopping cart to the delivery of the package. Any order that you instruct to send, be it clothes, books, appliances or cosmetics, your buyer will receive on time!

Unipost helps you solve your problems:

  1. Safe storage of your products in the Unipost warehouse
  2. Guaranteed 99% of the relevance of your warehouse balances
  3. We are the first professional order fulfillment service for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine
  4. Timely delivery and acceptance of payments for your company
  5. Your high-quality contact center is already at the start
  6. Together with us, your business is now online. Synchronization of orders with and Marketplaces is already at the start
Reception and storage of products
1. We make video recording of the goods acceptance process
2. Acceptance of products by the piece, boxes and pallets
3. Checking the quality and condition of products upon acceptance
4. Online access to stock balances
5. Barcoding and sorting of products
6. Secure storage of goods in the warehouse
7. Microcellular, shelf, outdoor, pallet storage
8. Product photography service
Order picking and packing
1. Orders are automatically transferred to the warehouse for picking, where goods are picked as accurately as possible using the TSD.
2. Selection of products in parcels
3. Complete set of promo kits
4. Booklets, warranty cards, instructions
5. Large assortment of packaging
6. Using customer’s packaging
7. Weighing and evaluation
Transfer to delivery
1. We deliver parcels across Ukraine to offices and to the address using top courier companies.
2. Transfer to delivery on the same day
3. Own courier service (Kyiv)
4. Delivery across Ukraine (New Mail, Ukrainian Post, Justin)
5. Pickup at the point of issue (Kyiv)
6. Sending on behalf of Unipost or your company
7. Processing returns: rejections, damage or defects

Contact Us

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    Adress: st. Magnitogorska, 1B, Kyiv city

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