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    LTL transportation services is a full range of operations to move freights from multiple shippers in one motor carrier. In other words, it’s consolidated freight transportation services. 

    The LTL abbreviation is short for “Less Than Truckload”. In other words, it means partial motor carrier load. Despite other transportation options, less-than-truckload services suppose goods consignments from multiple companies consolidate in one truck. For a consignor, it means that there is no need to use all freight room in a vehicle, but only the space occupied by his goods. In such a way, shipping cost is reduced for every client that uses LTL transportation services. 

    LTL transportation services are in great demand among logistics providers’ clients. As specialized transportation companies optimize their routes regularly and take upon themselves all operations until freight destinations,  such services give shippers an opportunity to deliver their goods throughout a country fast. Moreover, consignors significantly cut their transportation costs. 

    A shipper can request loading services at any point he pleases. Or he can bring goods around a freight forwarder’s warehouse by himself. Moreover, a logistics provider can provide material handling, packing, and other services. 

    Companies can transport groupage freights in several ways — by pallets, by boxes, and even by pieces. And at the same time, the first way is more suitable for business. 

    There are several vital advantages of pallet transportation services: 

    • Fast and accurate material handling. Pallets are designed so a forklift or loader can conveniently lift freight. It only takes a few seconds to pick up a pallet and load it into a motor carrier. Therefore, a company can quickly perform material handling operations and reduce total delivery time to a destination point. 
    • Strong freight protection against damage during transportation. Wooden pallets withstand a buffer force while freight is transported in a motor carrier. The main thing is to place pallets in a truck correctly — evenly distribute the center of gravity on a skid and make sure the freight edges do not extend beyond the pallet. A reliable logistics partner additionally fixes pallets with fastening belts to ensure freight safety during transportation. 
    • Efficient use of space in a truck trailer. Pallets are designed in standard sizes. So, when they are placed in a motor carrier, there is no waste space in a trailer.
    • Zero percent chance third persons will have access to freight. Pallets are wrapped before loading in a truck trailer. Therefore, a reputable logistics provider guarantees freight will be delivered without violation of package integrity. 

    The cost for pallet shipping is the same as for transportation by boxes or pieces. However, transportation by pallets has many more advantages.

    The main feature of groupage freight transportation is that goods from different shippers are consolidated in one motor carrier. Therefore, by requesting LTL logistics services, companies just rent a space in a truck trailer. There is no need to pay for the whole vehicle. Moreover, a logistics provider can pick up some additional freight in Ukraine given the route to follow. 

    A client can request loading services at any point or just take goods to a partner’s warehouse by himself for their further transportation to the destination. A logistics provider is responsible for the groupage of freight — it selects shipments in such a way as to ensure proper storage conditions during transportation. For example, 3PL provider consolidates fresh foodstuffs following the commodity neighborhood rules. Also, such types of products must be transported by refrigerated trucks, motor carriers that can chill products and regularly record temperature changes in a trailer. A logistics provider should closely monitor incompatible freights are not transported in one motor carrier. 

    Thus, LTL logistics services involve that a logistics provider ship in one vehicle only freights closed by declared characteristics and storage conditions. It requires well-coordinated cooperation between a freight forwarder and a shipper.

    Demand for LTL transportation services has been growing every year. In comparison with other shipping services, delivery of groupage freights has several advantages: 

    • Low service cost. The price for LTL transportation services depends on how much space freight takes in a truck trailer. A company doesn’t rent the full truck, so the total price for freight delivery is reduced. 
    • Transportation by the most preferable type of vehicle. Logistics providers invest in a fleet of trucks. So, they can offer covered, insulated, or refrigerated trucks. Moreover, professional freight forwarders’ fleets consist of vehicles with multiple loading capacities. A shipper can rest assured his goods will be transported in proper conditions. 
    • High delivery speed. A reliable logistics provider builds its routes in advance. So, it can deliver freight anywhere between 1 or 2 days. Delivery time matters in today’s realities. For example, if a company works with retail chains, it may be a decisive factor. 
    • Possibility to request value-added services. In addition to freight transportation services, logistics providers offer packing or picking by SKUs services. Moreover, they also provide documents and pallets returning, delivery over the weekend, and temporary warehouse storage services. So, a company can shift its routine operations to a logistics provider. 

    Groupage freight transportation services also include full security goods escorting during the transit.

    Freight forwarding companies operate with multiple rates and indexes to calculate the total price for LTL transportation services. 

    For example, to calculate the total price for pallet transportation services, logistics operators pay attention to the specifications below: 

    1. The number of pallets. When freight is transported by pallets, the quantity of skids is taken into consideration to calculate the total cost. Also, a freight forwarder considers the overall load weight. Worth knowing that overall load weight includes both the weight of freight itself and a tare. 
    2. Freight cost. Reputable logistics providers always ensure goods before transportation. That’s why a client has to indicate how much he estimates his freight. So a shipper can be confident that if his commodities will be damaged or get lost in the way, the full freight cost will be returned to him. The higher the posted price, the more expensive the shipping cost. 
    3. Required motor carrier type. The lowest LTL transportation services cost is for covered trucks. Shipping by insulated truck will cost a little more than by a covered truck. And finally, the highest price for transportation is by refrigerators. 

    Also, the distance from point A to point B impacts the total LTL logistics services price. 3PL providers take into account fuel costs, so the longer the destination point, the higher the service price. 

    On WareTeka, you can obtain an approximate price for LTL transportation services per one pallet by top requested routes. Moreover, here you can calculate the exact shipping cost and order transportation services from leading Ukrainian logistics companies.

    You can request groupage transportation services directly from freight forwarding companies. But at the same time, there are a lot of carriers on the transportation market nowadays. So it gets harder for a business to evaluate the rates, terms, and conditions of multiple carriers. Companies are forced to make requests to every logistics provider. While a business needs to ship its freight as soon as possible, it takes weeks to compare rates and conditions from 3PLs.  

    Just use WareTeka to speed up requesting LTL transportation services from 3PLs. Our platform accelerates information about rates, terms, and conditions from leading logistics providers. So, there is no need to waste time examining proposals from multiple carriers when you need to order LTL transportation services. 

    You can find approximate LTL transportation costs by the most requested routes on WareTeka. It will help you to value the cost of shipping in a certain city. If there is no desired route in the listing, just send a request to our managers. We’ll contact you to show actual rates and match the best possible carrier with consideration of freight features. Also, you can calculate LTL transportation services costs by yourself with our calculator.

    WareTeka is the first Ukrainian digital logistics provider that offers consolidated freight transportation services from multiple freight forwarding companies. 

    When using our platform, your company gets significant benefits: 

    • Transportation services from more than 30 leading logistics providers of Ukraine. Our platform collaborates with outstanding 3PL providers. We do not sell services of any particular company. Our task is to match a carrier that will solve all business challenges. To achieve your goals, we take into account your freight features, storage conditions, delivery time, etc. 
    • Possibility to request transportation services from 1 pallet. You can order groupage freight shipping at the amount you need at the moment. There are no restrictions on our platform. 
    • Possibility to request value-added services. Our platform gives you opportunities to book documents and pallets returning. delivery to distribution centers or immediately to stores of retail chains, picking freights by SKUs. Moreover, logistics operators that partner with our platform can provide you with delivery services over the weekend or offer temporary warehouse storage.  
    • LTL transportation cost calculator. You can calculate the total shipping price by the assigned route online. 

    If you’re willing to order LTL transportation services, just send us a request.  


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