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The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April

Posted by Anna Khaletskaya on 23.04.2021
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The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April

There are more than 4.000 storage facilities across Ukraine collected on WareTeka. On a day-to-day basis, our platform helps both landlords and tenants to quickly lease warehouses and find premises that meet their business requirements.  

Our team publishes only reliable information about storage facilities propositions and verifies every platform’s partner. So, you can consider an easy and transparent way to search for logistics real estate. 

Just keep reading to discover the 5 most viewed warehouses on WareTeka for April. If you’re searching for proper storage facilities, this article is right for you. 

№ 1. FALBI Dragon Capital Pharmaceutical Warehouse

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 2

FALBI Dragon Capital is a modern class A logistics center that fully meets pharmacy needs. As demand for medical goods is growing, such storage facilities are much-needed. 

FALBI has equipment for cold storage requirements. For example, Carrier, the American refrigeration machinery is available in the warehouse. 

The warehouse rental cost starts from 150 UAH (about 5 USD) per square meter. The storage facility is located in Sviatopetrivske village. It’s about 20 kilometers (12 miles)  from Kyiv.

Technical Specifications of FALBI 

FALBI logistics center is A class warehouse, so it’s fully equipped for modern warehouse logistics needs. 

Learn more about FALBI technical specifications in the table below. 

Class А
Type Multitemperature 
Floor loading5 tons per square meter
Working temperature range from 15 to 25 °C; from 8 to 15 °C;from 2 to 8 °C
Launching date2009
Power generation capacity 1 Megawatt

Thus, renters can store different types of goods with proper temperature and humidity conditions in the warehouse. 

Warehouse Equipment and Utility Lines in FALBI 

There is modern equipment to establish optimal storage temperature and enable air circulation in the logistics center. Moreover, FALBI has the equipment to make material handling processes faster and easier. 

Learn about warehouse equipment in the FALBI warehouse in the table below: 

Dock gates9 units 
Fire safety the fire control system is available
VentilationRosenberg combined extract-and-input system is available
Heating The gas heating system is available in the warehouse and utility space 

The Infrastructure of FALBI Pharmaceutical Warehouse

There are both warehouses for storage and additional buildings for staff performance in the territory of FALBI. 

Office and storage space 13.449 square meters
Office space 3.807 square meters
Technical room space 358 square meters 
Land space 9.748 hectares 

Road Infrastructure near FALBI Warehouse

FALBI Pharmaceutical Warehouse is located near highways. The storage facility is situated 6 kilometers (3 miles) away from the Kiltseva Road, between M06 and M05 highways. So, you can quickly deliver your goods from FALBI almost anywhere in Ukraine. 

Moreover, the highway connecting Kyiv and the Hungarian border runs near the logistics center. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 3

№ 2. Warehouse Complex in Velyka Dymerka Settlement 

The Warehouse complex in Velyka Dymerka is one more popular storage facilities proposition in the Kyiv Region. Like FALBI, the premise has an advantageous location, as it’s situated close to the capital of Ukraine and main highways. 

There are several reasons why you should consider warehouse rental in the Kyiv Region. Firstly, a lot of class A storage facilities propositions are concentrated here. It’s beneficial for companies, as high-class warehouses are barely represented in Ukraine. Secondly, closeness to Kyiv could become a strategic advantage for companies that operate in the capital. Thirdly, the rental cost of a warehouse in the Kyiv Region is lower than in the city. For instance, the price for the warehouse complex in Velyka Dymerka is ranging from 142 UAH (about 5 USD) per square meter. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 4

Technical Specifications of the Warehouse in Velyka Dymerka

The logistics center in Velyka Dymerka is A class warehouse. So, it’s a modern facility constructed with high-quality building materials and equipped with warehouse machinery. It’s a dry type of warehouse, so you can regulate temperature from 10 to 40 °C here. 

Explore the warehouse’s technical specifications in the table below. 

Type Logistics center, dry warehouse 
Ceiling Height 12 meters 
Floor Loading 5 tons per square meter 
Center distance between columns 12х24 meters 
Working temperature range From 10 to 40 °C
Energy power delivery 2 separate electrical inputs (16.000 kilowatts for every input)

Warehouse equipment and utility lines in the logistics center

The logistics center is equipped with all necessary utility lines, security, fire-control and ventilation systems, warehouse machinery, including dock gates and racking system. The premise has a low-cost heating system, so you can save on utility bills (heating cost does not exceed 5 UAH (0.18 USD) per square meter thanks to the thermocompressors). Moreover, the premise is equipped with thermal insulation windows to reduce electricity costs. 

The full table with warehouse equipment and utility lines in the logistics center is below.  

Gates Dock gates with dock levelers and dock shelters (1 unit per 500 square meters), ground-level gates are available
Racking system 5 tier racking system is available
Fire safety Smoke detectors and fire control system are available
VentilationInflow exhaust ventilation system is available 
Heating Thermocompressors are available 

Infrastructure features of the logistics center in Velyka Dymerka

There is a video surveillance system in the territory of the logistics center. Moreover, the property is under 24-hour security. The access mode is set here.

In addition to storage facilities, office and serving space (toilet accommodations, bath points, housekeeping areas, lock rooms, etc) are available here. 

Velyka Dymerka Warehouse Location and Road Infrastructure

The logistics center is located in the Brovary District. It’s 15 kilometers (9 miles) away from Kyiv. Velyka Dymerka Warehouse is near main Ukrainian highways, like M01 (Kyiv-Chernihiv direction), H07 (Kyiv-Sumy direction), and roads that go to Boryspil International Airport. There is a convenient gateway for load-carrying transport to reach Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Poltava, etc. 

You can determine road infrastructure near Velyka Dymerka Warehouse on our interactive map.

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 5

№ 3. Zymna Voda Logistics Center

Logistics real estate market in Ukraine is rapidly growing. New logistics complexes construction is evidence of this fact. The warehouse located in Zymna Voda village of the Lviv Region is under construction now, but after launching it will become the largest storage facility in Ukraine. The first stage of the logistics hub was put into operation in the second half of 2020. 

Zymna Voda Logistics Center has great load infrastructure and modern warehouse equipment, so it’s beneficial for companies to rent such facilities. When the North Lviv Side Road construction is completed, the warehouse will become a part of the GO Highway Transnational Corridor to connect the Ukrainian Black Sea with Polish Baltic Sea Maritime Ports. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 6

Logistics Center Technical Specifications

Warehouses in Zymna Voda Logistics Hub are constructed under modern logistics requirements. Here you can find technology-enabled middle- and low-temperature storage facilities. Learn more about the technical specifications of the logistics center in the table below. 

Type Dry warehouses, cold storage warehouses 
Ceiling Height 12,5 meters 
Center distance between columns 12х24 meters 
Working temperature range from +15 to +24 Сº (dry warehouses temperature mode)from -2 to +10 Сº; from -18 to -22 Сº (cold storage warehouses temperature mode)
Energy Power Delivery 5,5 milliwatt, 2 diesel generators (250 kilovolt-amperes) for emergency standby power

Zymna Voda Logistics Center Utility Lines and Warehouse Equipment 

There are all necessary utility lines in Zymna Voda logistics center. They include a power generation station with emergency standby power generators, a solid-fueled heating plant, and a water supply system. The storage area is equipped with racking systems, sectional gates with dock levelers, and material handling vehicles. Moreover, Warehouse and Yard Management Systems are implemented in the warehouses of Zymna Voda logistics center, so you can automate and optimize your routine operations. 

Gates 170 sectional gates with dock levelers
Racking System Available up to 12 meters
Heating Solid-fueled heating plant (3,8 megawatt)
Water Supply System 400 m³ per second
IT-solutions Warehouse Management System, Yard Management System
Fire Safety Water sprinkler system 

Zymna Voda Logistics Center Infrastructure Features

Dry and cold storage warehouses, office and amenity space, parking, and access control system are available in Zymna Voda Logistics Center. Convenient access for load-carrying transport is constructed here. 

Office and amenity space 10000 m²
Safeguarding system24/7 security with CCTV
Parking Area for 300 passengers and freight transports 

Zymna Voda Logistics Center road infrastructure and location

The storage facility is located on the Lviv loop road, near Zymna Voda village. The loop road is a part of the M06 highway (Kyiv-Chop direction). Moreover, the logistics center is situated at the crossing of two international highways — the M11 (Lviv-Shehyni direction) and M10 (Lviv-Krakovets direction), which go through Poland’s border. In addition, the Lviv-Mostyska branch railway line is near the logistics complex. 

Thus, as Zymna Voda Logistics Center is favorably located, it’s a great solution for companies that operate in Western Ukraine or entrepreneurs who cooperate with European countries. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 7

№ 4. VinPromKholod Freezing Warehouse

COVID-19 pandemic has affected the warehousing logistics industry. So, grocery chains tend to cumulate safety stock inventory. Freeze products can be stored for a long time. But entrepreneurs in Ukraine face the problem of where to store their goods. Freezing warehouses should be well-equipped for cold storage. Construction of freezing storage facilities is a long and expensive way for companies, so it’s more efficient to rent such warehouses. 

VimPromKholod Freezing Warehouse offers a partial lease of cold storage facilities. Discover the proposition features below. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 8

VinPromKholod Technical Specifications

VimPromKholod is A class warehouse. Generally, such storage facilities were constructed long ago, but they greatly meet storage requirements. There are several refrigerators to regulate temperature mode in VimPromKholod Warehouse. So, you can store chilled products or make deep-freezing here. 

Class C
Type Cold storage warehouses 
Working temperature range Refrigerators with storage capacity from 10 m2 to 1.740 m2 с (temperature mode: from -18 to -22 °C);
Refrigerators with storage capacity from 500 m2 (temperature mode: up to -8 °C)
Ceiling Height 6,2 meters 

Equipment and utility lines of VinPromKholod

In addition to refrigerators to store goods in proper temperature conditions, the warehouse is equipped with a type TIR access ramp to make material handling faster and easier. Moreover, loader services are included in the rental cost. Also, security alarm systems and CCTV monitoring are available here. 

VinPromKholod Freezing Warehouse Infrastructure

You can rent 50 m2 of office space at 150 UAH (about 5 USD) per square meter here. Moreover, you can use parking even at night. 

The warehouse working hours are from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. However, you can get access to the storage facility at any time, if it was previously agreed.   

Road Infrastructure near the Warehouse

VimPromKholod is located 600 meters away from the Vinnytsia Ring Road, so load-carrying transport can easily get access to the storage facility. Also, the M12 international highway (Stryi — Ternopil — Kropyvnytskyi — Znamianka direction) is not far away from the warehouse. M12 is part of the E50 Europianian road. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 9

№ 5. Warehouse Complex in Kyiv

Warehouses located in Kyiv are in great demand among companies despite their high rental cost. Businesses need to allocate near their inventory to decrease transportation costs and empower last-mile delivery speed. The vacancy rate of urban warehouses in Kyiv is extremely low. That is why the demand for them exceeds supply. 

The Warehouse Complex in Kyiv will be available for rent in May 2021, but now it’s one of the most viewed storage facilities propositions on WareTeka. Let’s see its features below. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 10

Technical specification of the Warehouse in Kyiv

The total warehouse space is 11.000 m2. The storage facility has 3 levels, each of which is divided into 3 sections with 1250 m2. Each section is equipped with automated roll-up gates and utility rooms. 

Class C
Type Warm storage warehouse 
Rental space 3.100 m2
Total space 11.000 m2 (3 levels) 
Land area3 hectares 
Energy Power Delivery Autonomous Power Station is available  

Warehouse Equipment and Utility Lines in the Warehouse

The warehouse is equipped with a plentiful ramp, its every section has autonomous gates, so you can load or unload several trucks at the same time. Every section of the ramp has dock levelers. 

At the moment, the warehouse developer is ready to sign contracts with tenants and finish the facility according to their requirements. 

Warehouse Equipment Ramp and dock levelers 
Ventilation System Available 

The Warehouse Complex Infrastructure

The warehouse is fully equipped with modern utility lines such as fire safety, smoke exhaust, foam fire-fighting systems, and CCTV. The facility area is fenced. Also, a fully autonomous power station feeds the premise. 

Road Infrastructure and Location of the Warehouse in Kyiv

The logistics complex is located near Borshchahivka that belongs to the Sviatoshynskyi District of Kyiv. The Ring Road goes not far away from the warehouse. It’s a part of the Beltway with 6 different directions. 

The 5 Most Viewed Warehouses on WareTeka: Digest for April - 11

Selecting a warehouse right for you 

Haven’t found a proposition for you or just wonder what storage facility will meet your needs? We know the solution. Contact us to select the proper warehouse to rent. 

Our managers will learn about your business and offer the best options for you. We take into account warehouse location, rental cost, and technical specifications to meet your requirements. Moreover, our logistics real estate specialists can consult you and support signing contract processes.

Contact us via online chat or reach us on number +380 (67) 370-64-58 to be assisted.

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