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TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka

Posted by Anna Khaletskaya on 02.12.2021
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TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka

Although the Ukrainian logistics real estate market has been evolving, enterprises and 3PL providers invest in large logistics centers construction. Such facilities are huge areas that include storage and office space, administrative buildings with extended infrastructure. 

In this article, you will find out information about the 14 biggest logistics complexes of Ukraine, some of which you can rent on the WareTeka platform.

The largest warehouses in Ukraine listing

Most of the below-mentioned logistics centers are located in Kyiv Oblast. Many industrial capacities, the largest Ukrainian and international company offices, and distribution centers are located here. There are air and rail connections, national and international highways in Kyiv Oblast. 

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 2

Logistics complexes are also located in Odesa Oblast. This location is advantageous because of its proximity to Odesa Sea Port, the largest port in Ukraine. Zymna Voda warehouse center is a large logistics complex in Lviv Oblast. Its location is strategically important for companies that cooperate with European countries.

WarehouseLocationArea, m²
1RLC-Kvitneve logistics centerKvitneve, Kyiv Oblast129 400
2BF Terminal warehouse complex Martusivka, Kyiv Oblast128 336
3MLP-Chaika logistics complexChaiky, Kyiv Oblast115 000
4AMTEL PROPERTIES logistics complexBilohorodka, Kyiv Oblast100 208
Kalynivka logistics centerKalynivka, Kyiv Oblast100 000
6West Gate Logistic logistics centerStoyanka, Kyiv Oblast96 455
7Unilogic Park warehouse complexBrovary, Kyiv Oblast75 000
8Protec Zymna Voda warehouse complexZymna Voda, Lviv Oblast73 000
9Raben Ukraine warehouse complex Velyka Dymerka, Kyiv Oblast70 000
10Komodor logistics complex Kalynivka, Kyiv Oblast69 000
11Odesa Logistic Park logistics complex Dachne, Odesa Oblast64 600
12Makarovskyi logistics complex Kolonshchyna, Kyiv Oblast61 992
13EAST GATE LOGISTIC logistics complex Boryspil, Kyiv Oblast49 716
14RLC-Odesa logistics center Dachne, Odesa Oblast36 000

№1. RLC-Kvitneve logistics center 

RLC-Kvitneve is the largest logistics complex in Ukraine at the moment. Its area is 129,400 m². It includes storage and office space, utility premises, and a parking lot for vehicles. The multi-temperature complex is built of high-quality materials, which together with technological equipment enables electricity consumption optimization.

In RLC-Kvitneve, you can store goods in multi-temperature rooms. Their temperature regime is from -24 °C to +12 °C. In the expedition area, the temperature is from -10 °C to +12 °C, the width of this area is 18 m. The ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, the maximum permissible load per floor is 5 tons per square meter. The number of dock gates is 1 unit per 700 m².

The logistics center is located in Kvitneve village, 8.6 km from the city limits of Kyiv. It is located near the Н-07 highway (Kyiv — Sumy). A traffic interchange with access to the М-01 and E95 highways is situated near the facility.

№2. BF Terminal warehouse complex

BF Terminal is a customs and logistics center that includes Class A warehouses, customs terminals, offices, utility premises, parking lots, and TIR parking. The complex occupies 128,336 m². Weighing up to 60 tons is carried out in the complex. In addition to rental, BF Terminal offers bonded warehouse and value-added services. The entire complex is equipped with CCTV and a fire-extinguishing system.

The ceiling height of BF Terminal warehouses is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, the load on the floor is 6 tons per square meter. Storage facilities are equipped with fiber-optic telecommunications, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. A gate with ramps was built trucks can easily pull out. It is also possible to rent shelving and handling equipment.

The logistics complex is located in Martusivka village, Kyiv Oblast. The distance to Kyiv is 17 km. There is a convenient interchange near the complex: the access to the М-03 highway and roads to Kharkiv, Brovary, Boryspil. Another advantage is the proximity to the Boryspil international airport.

№3. MLP-Chaika logistics complex

The MLP-Chaika complex area is about 115,000 m² of Class A warehouses. The total area of a land plot is 20 hectares. There are offices and parking lots for trucks and cars besides three warehouses in this complex. The security system of the complex consists of a centralized security system, video surveillance, access control, and physical security. Fire safety is provided by the alarm and sprinkler fire extinguishing system.

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 3

MLP-Chaika logistics complex meets all requirements of Class A facilities: the ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, concrete floor with anti-dust covering can withstand load up to 6 tons per square meter. The premises are equipped with gates with automatic leveling platforms for every 1,000 m². The indoor temperature is from +14 °C to +20 °C, depending on the season. There is a telephone network, an internet connection, and other communications.

The complex is located in Chaiky village, Kyiv Oblast. It is located 800 m from the М-06 highway (Kyiv — Chop), which connects the capital with the western border of Ukraine and is part of the E40 international route. Also, the Kyiv Ring Road is 5 km from the complex.

№4. AMTEL PROPERTIES logistics center

The AMTEL PROPERTIES facility with an area of 100,208 m² is another one of the largest warehouses of Kyiv Oblast. It is located on 17.5 hectares of the land plot. There are also administrative buildings, utility and office premises, parking lots, and access roads here. The complex has all necessary communications: water supply (artesian well), gas supply (autonomous boiler room), electricity, telephone network, internet. Here is also a 24/7 security system. The sprinkler fire extinguishing system, smoke-removing lamps, fire hydrants, and fire alarm are parts of the fire safety system of the complex.

The Class A+ modern complex has the following technical characteristics: the ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m. The floor with anti-dust covering Pandex F-3 can withstand a load up to 8 tons per square meter. There is equipment for convenient goods storage and processing in the warehouse: 12,000 storage units, 6-level shelves, handling equipment, and mechanical forklifts. The facility is equipped with the Warehouse Management System (Mantis Logistics Vision). There is video surveillance in the areas of goods storage and selection. Dock gates are provided for each 780 m². The warehouse keeps a constant temperature of +10 °C to +25 °C.

AMTEL PROPERTIES is located 10 km from Kyiv, in Bilohorodka village. The complex is located along the Т-1012 highway, between the roads to Odesa and Zhytomyr. The distance from the Kyiv Ring Road to the storage facility is 6 km. There is access to Kryukovskaya and Boyarka railway stations near the complex.

№5. Kalynivka logistics center

Kalynivka logistics center is a complex with a freight turnover of 2,000,000 tons per year. The complex of about 100,000 m² consists of an administrative building and warehouses. The area of the land plot is 19 hectares. 

In Kalynivka, Ukrainian and imported goods are received, unloaded, assembled, and shipped to wholesale buyers. For efficient warehouse operation, goods are barcoded, and then pallets are delivered by electric forklifts to specific cells of 6-level shelf storage.

The logistics center is located in Kalynivka, Kyiv Oblast. The М-05 (Kyiv — Odesa) highway, which coincides with the E95 European route, is nearby. The Vasylkiv-1 railway station is also located near the facility.

№6. West Gate Logistic logistics center 

West Gate Logistic logistics complex is located near the capital — 1 km from the city border, and 22 km from the center of Kyiv. There are two Class A warehouses, offices, parking lot for cars, and trucks here. The complex is fenced and guarded. There is the internet, telephone, and other communications in the center.

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 4

In warehouses, adjustable temperatures from +16 °C to +24 °C are maintained. There is a fire-extinguishing and air-conditioning system. The ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, permissible load on the floor — 5 tons per square meter. The floor is concrete, with anti-dust covering. There is a gate with automatic leveling platforms for every 1000 m². It is possible to store goods in the shelving area. 

West Gate Logistic is located in Stoyanka village of Kyiv Oblast. The nearest motorway to the complex is the М-06 (Kyiv — Chop), which coincides with the E40 European route.

№7. Unilogic Park warehouse complex

Unilogic Park is a warehouse complex in Kyiv Oblast. Its total area is 75,000 m². Fire safety is provided by fire alarms and hydrants. The complex is connected to the central water supply, city water supply, and sewerage system, has its boiler house, and access to the well.

The ceiling height of the complex is 6 m. The maximum permissible load on the floor is 6 tons per square meter. Unilogic Park is equipped with ramps, including zero one and an integrated unloading ramp.

The facility is located in Brovary, Kyiv’s satellite town. The М-01 (Kyiv — Chernihiv) highway is 1.5 km from Unilogic Park. The М-01 also coincides with the E95 and E101 international routes. The Darnytsia — Nizhyn railway line is situated near the facility.

№8. Protec Zymna Voda warehouse complex

One of the most modern warehouse complexes is this technopark. The first stage of the complex is put into operation. It consists of Class A ambient and cold storage facilities, utility facilities, offices, parking lot, and access control. The complex is equipped with Warehouse Management System and Yard Management System. Protec Zymna Voda is guarded around the clock. There is video surveillance in the complex.

The ceiling height of Protec Zymna Voda is 12.5 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m. In the ambient warehouses of the complex, the temperature conditions are from +15 °C to +24 °C, in refrigerated rooms — from -2 °C to +10 °C; from -18 °C to -22 °C. The complex has all necessary communications: power supply, solid fuel boiler, water supply. The warehouses are equipped with docklevellers. 

The complex is located near Zymna Voda village, on the Lviv ring road, which is part of the М-06 highway (Kyiv — Chop). In addition, the complex is located at the intersection of the М-11 (Lviv — Shehyni) and М-10 (Lviv — Krakovets) highways. Both roads lead to the Polish border. As for railway connection, the Lviv — Mostyska railway line is next to Protec Zymna Voda.

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№9. Raben Ukraine warehouse complex 

It is the main distribution center of Raben Ukraine company, which is part of the international logistics provider Raben Group. This warehouse complex is about 70,000 m². It has 24-hour security and video surveillance.

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 5

The complex consists of a bonded warehouse, temporary storage facility, cross-docking terminals. There are also equipped areas for food and non-food goods, and separated rooms for ADR dangerous goods. Optimal humidity and temperature are created for each group of products. Temperature conditions are from +2 °C to +6 °C and above.

The complex is located in Velyka Dymerka, 15 km from Kyiv. There are М-01 (Kyiv — Chernihiv), Н-07 (Kyiv — Sumy) routes, and the E95, E101 international highways near the complex.

№10. Komodor logistics complex 

Komodor is a modern logistics complex that is built according to warehouse logistics standards. It occupies 69,000 m², including storage and office space. There is also a parking lot for different types of vehicles on the territory. The object is under 24-hour guard.

The warehouse is divided into six separate blocks. The ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m. The floors are self-leveling, with anti-dust covering. The maximum load on the floor of the warehouses is 7 tons per square meter, on the shelving floor — 1.5 t/m². There are gates with automatic leveling platforms for every 1,000 m². The warehouse is equipped with a sprinkler fire extinguishing system.

Komodor is located in Kalynivka village, 32 km from Kyiv. It is situated directly on the М-06 traffic interchange, which connects Kyiv and the Polish-Ukrainian border. It can be reached from the Т-1019 and E40/М-06 highways.

№11. Odesa Logistic Park logistics complex

Odesa Logistic Park is another large object in Odesa Oblast. Its area is 64 600 m². The complex includes storage and office facilities, access roads, parking, and maneuvering areas for freight transport. The complex is equipped with video surveillance and 24-hour security.

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 6

The warehouse meets Class A requirements: the ceiling height is 12.2 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, concrete floors with anti-dust covering can withstand loads up to 6 t/m². The dock gates are equipped with automatic leveling platforms. Electricity is provided through the complex’s transformer station. There is a centralized water supply and sewerage system, telephone lines, and the internet in the complex.

Odesa Logistic Park is located near Dachne village, along the М-05 and E95 highways. The distance to Odesa is 10 km, to Odesa Ring Road and “6th km” customs terminal — 9 km, to Odesa Sea Port — 15 km.

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№12. Makarovskyi logistics complex

Makarovskyi is one of the newly built complexes that was put into operation in 2020-2021. This facility occupies 61,992 m², the land plot is about 7.7 hectares. The complex includes two storage spaces, an office area, and utility premises. On the territory of Makarovskyi access roads for trucks, areas for maneuvering, and parking lots are arranged. The complex is guarded, equipped with fire safety and video surveillance systems.

The warehouses have the following technical specifications: the ceiling height is 12 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, the concrete floor has anti-dust covering. These are three-story warehouses. The building frame is built of reinforced concrete structures, additional thermal insulation is provided by sandwich panels. There is electricity, water supply, sewerage, heating, telecommunications in this complex.

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 7

The office and logistics complex is located in Kolonshyna village, 20 km from Kyiv, and 2.5 km from KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center. Next to Makarovskyi is the E40 international route and the Kyiv — Zhytomyr highway.

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№13. EAST GATE LOGISTIC logistics complex 

EAST GATE LOGISTIC logistics complex consists of Class A warehouses. Its area is 49 716 m². It was built in 2007. The complex area is about 8 hectares. Both storage facilities and offices are located here.

This warehouse complex is built of qualitative materials. The frame of EAST GATE LOGISTIC is constructed using steel beams. In the logistics center, a diesel generator is installed. It provides energy for fire-extinguishing and alarm systems in case of a power outage.

EAST GATE LOGISTIC is located in Boryspil, 20 km from the city limit of Kyiv. Boryspil international airport is situated 5 km from the complex. The T-1016 and P-03 routes, the E40 (M-03) highway pass through the logistics center.

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№14. RLC-Odesa logistics center

The logistics center in Odesa Oblast is another of the large warehouses built by the RLC logistics company using advanced (including “green”) technologies. It was put into operation in 2015. The 36,000 m² logistics complex consists of storage and additional facilities, offices, and a parking lot. A paved access road is built to enter the complex.

The warehouses allow storing products in different temperature conditions: from -24 °C to 0 °C for frozen goods, from 0 °C to +14 °C for cooled goods. Here is also the zone for goods that do not require special temperature conditions. The ceiling height of warehouses is 12.9 m, the center distance between columns is 12×24 m, the floors can withstand a load of up to 5 tons per m². The complex is equipped with CCTV, telephony, and the internet.

The multi-temperature complex is located near Dachne village, 10 km from Odesa and 8 km from the Odesa ring road. Next to the complex is the М-05 highway (Kyiv — Odesa), which is part of the international E95 road. The complex is located 10 km from the “6th km” customs terminal and 18 km from the Odesa Sea Port.

High-end WareTeka platform: where to look for high-class logistics centers in Ukraine?

Some of the above-mentioned large warehouses of Ukraine can be found on WareTeka. On the platform, you can find, for example, offers for ambient storage facilities rental in complexes such as Protec Zymna Voda or Odesa Logistic Park. These and other offers for logistics complexes are presented on our website. 

WareTeka Warehouse Listing is a specialized service where only high-class warehouses — A, B, C — are presented. All facilities are renovated according to European Norms and meet modern warehouse logistics requirements. 

TOP 14 largest warehouses in Ukraine ranked by WareTeka - 2

Finding a warehouse can be challenging. It is necessary to consider specific characteristics of a facility: class, type, special equipment availability, and so on. Warehouse location, its proximity to end consumers, are other factors that should be taken into account to efficiently transport the goods. It is often impossible to specify all these characteristics on non-specialized ad sites. This makes the search slower and more difficult. It is also important the information about facilities is accurate. Thus, you can ensure the maximum safety of your goods and be sure that the investment pays off. Our specialists are aware of these needs, and we took all these factors into account in our platform creation. To find a warehouse that will meet all business requirements, try to search for a warehouse on our specialized platform.

WareTeka’s updated warehouse database offers their clients:

  • 500+ A, B, C classes warehouses in different cities of Ukraine;
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  • Support at all stages of the transaction up to the agreement of terms with a landlord.

In 2021, more than 53% of deals on the Ukrainian logistics real estate market were closed using WareTeka.

Conclusions: High-class warehouses construction in Ukraine has great perspectives

Modern warehouse complexes are huge areas. They consist of warehouses, parking lots, convenient access roads for freight transport, loading and unloading zones, utility, and office premises. There is all the necessary equipment for working with different products of large volumes. Business demands for such complexes increase, and there will be more such offers in the Ukrainian logistics real estate market soon.

As demand for high-class warehouses increases, developers invest in modern logistics parks. These are facilities that fully meet the requirements of modern warehouse logistics. If your company is looking for such a warehouse for rental or purchase, a suitable option can be found on our platform.

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