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Denka Logistics


About Us

The best warehouse. The best equipment. Best quality.

One of the most significant advantages of Denka Logistics is a modern warehouse complex with a high level of automation, designed taking into account European business processes and 25 years of experience gained during the existence of the holding. The complex with an area of ​​20,000 m2 is conveniently located 3 km. from the Kyiv ring road and 800 m from the international highway Kyiv-Chop. Equipment from leading Austrian manufacturers and loading and unloading equipment made in Germany allows for a high speed of cargo turnover and guarantees of cargo safety.

All this allows us to offer modern solutions for all types of goods that do not require special temperature storage conditions. The main product groups processed at Denka Logistics facilities are Fashion category products, cosmetics, office and household appliances. The processes of piece processing and shipment of goods implemented at a high level allowed our partners to replenish their stores with only the current assortment and in the really necessary quantity, as well as to reduce the size of warehouse space in retail outlets. Classic schemes of pallet and box selection, cross-docking allow to ensure the operation of an operational distribution center for wholesale companies. The proximity of the logistics complex to the main transport interchanges and the center of Kyiv allows to optimize delivery routes and reduce transport costs.

High efficiency of the warehouse is achieved thanks to the automated warehouse logistics management system from Manhattan Associates Inc. WMS capabilities allow for online integration with any partner ERP system. In 2014, the order of fulfillment was successfully launched for online stores of any scale. This allowed the company to become not only one of the main players in the e-commerce logistics market, but also to help its partners, retail chains, implement a strategy of multichannel sales, carrying out shipments to retail outlets, wholesale deliveries to dealers and sending online orders directly to customers from one warehouse. without breaking the flow of goods. Additional services, such as labeling the product with price tags and anti-theft sensors, can reduce the time it takes for the product to reach the shelf. Now there is no need to label the goods in the store, immediately after receiving from our logistics center, it can go on sale. We offer services for processing returns, sorting them piece by piece and repackaging if necessary.

Warehouse Logistics:


Automatic stations for receiving goods – 1000 boxes per hour. Acceptance of goods in pallets, boxes, pieces. Accounting for serial numbers, batch accounting, checking the degree of validity of the goods.

Denka Logistics - 2

2.Storage and shipment

23,000 pallet spaces, 100,000 storage cells for small goods. Addressable storage system. Work “without papers” using RF terminals. The minimum order is 1 item. Cross – docking. The principles of selection of goods according to FIFO and FEFO.

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3.Warehouse characteristics

Warehouse of category “A”. 20,000 m2. 17 loading and unloading docks. Video surveillance system in all areas of the warehouse. Physical security. Storage systems and conveyor equipment of the Austrian company “Schaefer”, loading equipment “Linde”, Germany.

Transport and delivery:

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Denka Logistics is a reliable partner in the logistics services market. Thanks to our own fleet of cars, we provide our customers with guaranteed and timely delivery of goods in Kyiv (day to day) and anywhere in Ukraine as soon as possible (24-48 hours).

The company’s fleet includes more than 30 units of vehicles with a carrying capacity of 0.5 to 20 tons, allowing to fulfill orders of various sizes, most of the all-metal vehicles are equipped with tail lifts and GPS monitoring systems.

We are interested in long-term cooperation and are ready to offer:

  1. Cargo transportation across Kyiv and Ukraine;
  2. Cargo insurance;
  3. Providing operational information about the location of the cargo along the entire route;
  4. Delivery of goods to carrier offices and directly into the hands of the client (for online stores)
  5. We consider various schemes for calculating tariff rates (pallet, hourly, per km, per service point);
  6. For online stores, a fixed cost of delivery throughout Ukraine and Kyiv.

The knowledge and rich experience of our employees allow us to carry out high-quality delivery by various means of transport across the territory of Kyiv and Ukraine.

Cooperation with us will contribute to the development of your business.

Our advantages:

  • development of individual transport solutions;
  • debugged cargo distribution schemes in Ukraine;
  • minimization of losses during the transfer of responsibility;
  • payers of VAT.

Additional services:

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