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Adress: st. Marka Vovchka 18A , Kyiv city

About Us

ERC (Enhanced Resource Company) is a professional distributor of international level. It has been operating in Ukraine since 1995 and has its own time-tested methods of channel development and support, additional services for pre- and after-sales business partners, in particular a warranty service and a training complex. From the very beginning, care for internal and external standards and traditions of the company does not prevent the creation and implementation of innovations, provides a confident leading position in the distribution of ERC in Ukraine. As part of an international holding, ERC in Ukraine is a significant taxpayer to the state budget of Ukraine nationwide. The powerful infrastructure of the company, which combines modern office space, logistics complex, service and training center on a single large territory and is located within the city of Kiev, has no analogues in Ukraine or in other Eastern European countries.

Distribution of ERC in Ukraine has four main product lines of cooperation with business partners: consumer computer equipment, computer hardware and software separately or as part of enterprise-scale solutions, household appliances, toys and goods for children. ERC offers products, ideas and solutions for government and commercial enterprises as well as for individual consumers or households. The ERC group of companies has a growing distribution business in many other countries, in particular Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan.

The classic two-tier system of distribution of products and value-added services (VAD model) is combined with sales tactics and prevents the occurrence of “price wars”. ERC conducts business through business partners, which include both national and regional retail chains, owners of independent stores and projects, wholesale companies, online stores, system integrators, and specialists in narrow technology niches and segments. The basis of ERC’s work with partners is to provide a series of services based on the offer of a recommended set of quality products and their constant availability in stock. In addition, business partners of a personal specialist, special financial and logistic conditions, special promotion programs, as well as guaranteed marketing, advertising, information and technical support, the possibility of training sales specialists and other employees of the company.

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    Adress: st. Marka Vovchka 18A , Kyiv city

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