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Packaging of goods in logistics. Parsing and role of the service

Posted by oleg on 03.07.2020
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Packaging of goods in logistics. Parsing and role of the service

In any logistic supply chain, the packaging and transportation steps are critical. The level of service and the speed of order picking depends on the availability of durable and convenient packaging. It is a special link in the mechanization of reloading operations. Packaging in warehousing logistics serves to protect goods from damage and damage during transportation by various types of vehicles. The usefulness of the packaging shows how efficient the processes of cargo handling and transportation are. The transmission of information to facilitate the distribution of units of goods is also a basic property of packaging in logistics systems. It informs various consumer groups about product characteristics, name, composition and manufacturer through labels, barcodes and markings.

What is the role of packaging

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Packaging in logistics performs several functions simultaneously. The main functions are protective, transport, information and marketing. The packaging contains valuable information about the product. Whoever is involved in material handling also needs the need to identify the product.

A well-designed packaging design helps promote and market products in a competitive market.

A well-established cargo handling system continuously monitors the movement of goods. The transport function is designed to find the most suitable mode of transport and route. To transport liquid, for example, you need a tanker truck.

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For packaging fragile goods, to protect them from damage, be sure to use filler in cardboard boxes or air bubble wrap. Food products are packaged immediately after processing.

The performance function shows the level of ease of use of packaging in the sorting and distribution process.

The regulatory and legislative function is governed by a set of sanitary and hygienic standards that control the content of certain components in packaging materials.

The demand for greener solutions is driving new approaches to using green materials. Leading retailers offer reusable packaging and participate in a circular recycling program to reduce waste.

What types of packaging can be

There are two types of packages. Internal or consumer packaging is easy to use, attractive and compact for customers, encouraging customers to buy.

We will discuss in more detail the characteristics of warehouse packaging. Outer or industrial packaging ensures the convenience of all logistics operations. Its type depends on the physical and chemical properties of the cargo and its rigidity.

Soft packaging is suitable for packing, storage, transportation of food products, household chemicals, building materials, clothing, textile products. Paper boxes and crates, textile bags are soft packaging materials.

Cardboard and plastic packaging, ceramics, boxes made of polymeric materials are semi-rigid containers. It holds its shape, but can deform under heavy load. Glass containers are resistant to chemicals and are used for storing food, perfumery and pharmaceutical products.
Rigid packaging includes packaging that does not lose its shape during transportation and storage. These are metal, plastic and wooden containers. It helps protect products from shock, pressure, moisture, dirt and bacteria. Boxes and pallets, as a subspecies of rigid containers, facilitate transportation using forklifts.
Containers are also used for storing products. The metal container is waterproof and is used for packaging flammable materials. This includes barrels, cylinders, tanks, boxes, cans.

What is palletizing

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Containerization, as the consolidation of individual packages into larger units, reduces handling times. The process of palletizing cargo is a stacking of boxes on pallets, which are fixed with stretch film and special cables. The pallet gives the structure resistance, and the film keeps it from spilling.

A pallet or pallet is a transport container with a rigid platform (made of wood, metal or plastic) for collecting goods. The accompanying shipping documents are attached to the assembled pallet with seals and indicate the manufacturer’s trademark and the weight of the pallet.

It is convenient to move the palletized goods, transport them by any means of transport, and load them into any transport that is suitable in size. 3PL logistics operators use Euro and American pallets to transport large volumes of cargo. They are produced in the same parameters, they can be disposable or reusable.

Packaging of goods in logistics. Parsing and role of the service - 3

Manual palletizing is more common in logistics, but automatic palletizing is used for packaging large batches of the same type of product – small boxes with heavy and fragile cargo. The equipment that produces automatic wrapping is called a palletizer. On it you can adjust the film tension and the wrapping height. In cases where the base area of ​​the cargo is less than the area of ​​the pallet, all rows of cargo are additionally reinforced with twine or strapping tape.

The concept of packaging in logistics is extensive and the condition of product safety is of the highest priority. The importance of packaging in the system of interaction between the manufacturer, the seller and the consumer shows that packaging products in compact packaging increases logistics performance, accelerates sales and improves the quality of customer service.

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