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Find warehouse - 10
When visiting the platform, a user selects a suitable warehouse and sends us the request.
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Drawing up a cooperation agreement.
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The client signs a contract with a landlord. It's facilitated by WareTeka.
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Agreeing on cooperation terms.
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Arranging facilities presentation the client is interested in. Assisting in commercial terms agreement.
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Find warehouse - 10
When visiting the platform, a user selects a suitable warehouse and sends us the request.


Find warehouse - 18
Agreeing on cooperation terms.


Find warehouse - 11
Drawing up a cooperation agreement.


Find warehouse - 19
Arranging facilities presentation the client is interested in. Assisting in commercial terms agreement.


Find warehouse - 12
The client signs a contract with a landlord. It's facilitated by WareTeka.

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    Many enterprises need storage facilities for their business activity, so warehouse rental in Ukraine is in demand among companies of different sizes. Unlike a storage facility purchase, this solution doesn’t require significant start-up costs and allows obtaining qualitative warehouse space for goods storing and processing immediately. 

    A business chooses a warehouse to rent according to its business requirements and premise specifications. Many factors must be taken into account in selecting a warehouse, such as its class, temperature conditions, equipment availability, etc. A facility’s location also matters. Most entrepreneurs prefer to rent a warehouse near the city limits.

    A company needs to consider all these factors to find a warehouse for lease. Most customers start to search on open resources, such as sites with advertisements for real estate rental or purchase. It is often not possible to specify important criteria there, and information about warehouses may be unverified or outdated. 

    WareTeka was created for the fast and convenient searching for warehouses to rent or buy. We provide detailed information about storage facilities. It includes qualitative photos, specifications description, and location. So, our customers can evaluate its profitability when renting or buying a warehouse. Just try to start seeking warehouses to rent on our platform.  

    There are only high-quality warehouses of A, B, C classes on WareTeka. The storage facilities are renovated according to European Norms and meet all modern warehouse logistics requirements.

    Class A warehouses are one-story premises. They are built of qualitative steel constructions and sandwich panels. These facilities are equipped with a sufficient number of dock gates. These are modern buildings, which are usually located in a well-developed area with a parking lot and 24-hour security. Class B warehouses are also high-quality facilities. They differ from Class A warehouses by the lower ceiling height and less permissible load on the floor. However, they provide all conditions for goods storage and processing: dock gates, a possibility of shelving equipment installation, and all necessary communications. The Class C warehouses differ from the Class A and B premises by their technical characteristics: ceiling height, permissible load on the floor, floor covering. Additional equipment may also be needed.

    The warehouse class is an important specification. However, the type and other options should also be considered before renting or purchasing storage facilities.

    Many retailers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers need renovated and modern warehouses. However, such facilities are in short supply. Information about such warehouses is rarely publicly available. Most of the premises in the Ukrainian logistics real estate market are outdated industrial premises, former hangars, and factory workshops. They are suitable only for storing products that do not require special storage conditions. However, such premises do not meet warehouse logistics requirements. It is impossible to organize efficient operations and goods processing. The rental cost for them is lower. But additional investments in old buildings, such as equipment purchase, communications, repairs, are likely required. 

    We place only renovated warehouses on WareTeka. Such storage facilities are customized to modern warehouse logistics needs. They are suitable for storing any type of goods and performing different warehousing operations. Thus, when renting or buying a storage facility on our platform, a business gets a renovated and modern warehouse.

    We know that it can be difficult to rent or buy a suitable facility. How to find a warehouse for rent that meets all the requirements is only the first challenge. Then a company has to contact the landlord, discuss all terms of cooperation, and make a purchase/sale transaction. We make the whole process easier for our customers.

    WareTeka works with clients in this way:

    1. A customer visits WareTeka, signs up, selects a warehouse, and sends us a request.
    2. We agree with the client upon all aspects of commercial cooperation.
    3. A client signs a cooperation agreement with our platform.
    4. We present all the warehouses chosen by a customer.
    5. We accompany a client in the transaction with a landlord.

    For most companies, renting a warehouse is the best option. However, large enterprises may be interested in a warehouse purchase. It may be difficult for them to find a suitable storage facility when the vacancy rate is low. So it makes sense for enterprises to consider buying a warehouse and adapting it to their business needs. Moreover, this investment is profitable in the long run: the rental cost for logistics real estate is growing.

    On our platform, a company can find warehouses for sale from property owners. To get acquainted with all available options in different cities of Ukraine, select “Sale” from the “Deal Type” drop-down list.

    The Ukrainian logistics real estate market is still evolving. Modern high-quality facilities are in short supply, and information about them is difficult to find. Our platform enables easy and comprehensible seeking a commercial warehouse for rent or purchase.

    WareTeka simplifies the whole searching process. We offer: 

    • User-friendly interface. It is necessary only to specify all needed features and choose a suitable warehouse from the proposed listing;
    • Data reliability. We provide only reliable information about storage facilities. Therefore, our clients don’t waste time checking the information;
    • Our experts’ assistance. The logistics real estate market is a specific industry that has many features. We advise our customers and accompany them at all stages of the transaction with a landlord.

    Due to WareTeka’s convenience and transparency, more and more companies trust us. It is confirmed by the figures: more than 53% of deals on the Ukrainian logistics real estate market were closed with our platform in 2021.

    Companies have to consider many options before renting a warehouse. It takes a long time if they look for storage facilities on unspecialized resources. It is often impossible to sort premises according to available options on these websites. 

    Our platform functionality allows our clients to find a warehouse that exactly meets all their requests. WareTeka’s experts know logistics property features and offer a convenient interface. Our customers can see warehouses only in a certain area, of a certain class, and type, and set other requirements to a warehouse, such as a ramp availability. They can also rent storage space partially.

    Another important advantage of WareTeka is the verification of all warehouses and logistics centers on our website. We publish reliable information about premises with photos and an interactive map. On advertisement sites, all these data aren’t usually checked. They also don’t provide an opportunity to get a consultation from experts. On WareTeka, specialists help customers to choose a facility. We also accompany our clients at all stages of the deal with a property owner.

    On WareTeka, a convenient interface to choose warehouses with the right options is developed. It simplifies the searching process. A customer can find warehouse space for rent or purchase by such specifications as class, type, deal type, etc. These are the most essential parameters that companies pay attention to when they are looking for suitable logistics properties. 

    Search options on the platform include:

    • Class. It indicates the technical characteristics of a warehouse and its equipment. Class A premises are the most modern space with all the necessary equipment. Class B and C storehouses on our platform are also of high quality, but they may be unsuitable for certain goods, such as consumer electronics or pharmaceuticals.
    • Warehouse type. It determines the storage conditions, temperature regime, and humidity level. An example of such premises is a fresh warehouse.
    • Location. If a warehouse is located next to the transport routes and the end consumer, the delivery will be faster and cheaper. It is also important to consider the mode of goods transportation. For example, if the goods are carried by ship, it is recommended to rent a warehouse in port cities.
    • Warehouse space. The more space is rented, the higher the warehouse rental cost. It is necessary to calculate the required area for rental not to overpay for unused space. However, it is necessary to think ahead. If a company is expanding, it should rent more space than it needs right now. Then in the future, it won’t need to look for additional storage areas.
    • Technical equipment. The warehouse operation efficiency, the comfort of the staff, storage safety, and goods preservation depend on it. But a customer should know exactly what kind of equipment he needs.

    If a company didn’t find an appropriate warehouse proposal on WareTeka, it can submit a request to us. Our managers will contact it and help to find a warehouse specifically on its request. They can also provide additional information about premises, show similar warehouse proposals, and suggest alternatives.

    Our listing will be constantly updated. A customer should sign up on our platform and save search parameters to be aware of new options for storage facilities in Ukraine. 

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