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In the Ukrainian market, to select a warehouse, you can use the services of intermediaries or contact the owners directly. As practice shows, if there are no specific requirements for storing products, but you need a large space with modern communications, it is more expedient to rent or buy a warehouse from landlords.



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Major landlords of Ukraine

According to the statistics of recent years, the logistics real estate is one of the most stable on the Ukrainian market. Due to the growth of e-commerce and last mile delivery, demand for warehouses is constantly growing. But, on the other hand, there is an acute deficiency of high quality warehouses of B and A classes.

Another problem is the lack of free land plots for the construction of modern warehouses. The developers buy buildings that were put into operation a long time ago and equip the warehouses. According to the latest data, the Ukrainian warehouse real estate market is 4 times less than Polish, and 6 times less than German market.

If you need additional storage space, rent or buy a modern warehouse from the landlords.

You can use the services of intermediaries or contact the owners directly to select a warehouse on Ukrainian market. As a practice shows, if there are no specific requirements for storage of products, but you need a large space with modern communications, it is more expedient to rent or buy a warehouse from landlords.

If the operations with the warehouse property of landlords take place without the participation of brokers, this simplifies the transaction process, as there is no third party.
Besides, the warehouse owners provide the most up-to-date information about warehouse property for rent.

Large businesses can negotiate with the landlord for redemption of a premise for the further warehouse development. This method is used by large business because it is important to adopt a logistic real estate to their needs.

The warehouses of major landlords are the modern premises equipped with all the necessary communications in accordance with the fire safety regulations. These are the warehouses of class A in 90% of cases.

The benefits of cooperation with the major landlords of Ukraine:

  • Good conditions of the objects for rent. Since landlords are the owners of warehouses, they take care of the property conditions and undertake to rent a premise with the proper conditions for work. A price per square meter of the warehouse will be higher, but a tenant reduces costs due to the absence of additional payments (for example, in cooperation with brokers who take a percentage for the provision of the services).
  • Ease of negotiations. Moreover, the landlords always have up-to-date information about the equipment and condition of a warehouse, the property owners are ready to discuss the terms of a transaction. For example, with well-built communication, an entrepreneur can ask the landlord to make small changes in the layout or renovate the warehouse. The intermediaries cannot guarantee the deal flexibility.
  • High level of technical support during a rent time. Most landlords accept the applications from the tenants for the elimination of operational malfunctions. For example, a landlord MLP works with the contractors in the engineering and technical sphere. Specialists conduct emergency, repair and maintenance work, inspect equipment. The engineering and technical department works around the clock.

Landlords are the strategic partners for all types of businesses and logistics providers. They offer for entrepreneurs a wide range of logistics real estate that will meet the needs of a business. They help to expand the storage spaces for scaling and to optimize the logistics processes during the peak periods for 3PL operators.

Besides the sale and rent of warehouses, the landlords are engaged in the development of a commercial real estate: they analyze the markets and put the new objects into operation.

You can find the reliable major landlords of Ukraine on the WareTeka platform, that provide the services for various types of commercial and logistics real estate.

The landlords on WareTeka evolve in the local and international markets, work on the creation of new logistics complexes and their expansion.  They work with major Ukrainian brands: Nova Poshta, DB Schenker, Ekol, Avtologistika, Khortytsia, SKYBUD Service and others.

You can view the current offers for rent/sale of warehouses from landlords or contact them directly.

Explore a base on the WareTeka platform and choose a reliable landlord who will help you to scale a business with the help of modern logistics complexes.

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