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How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage?

Posted by oleg on 29.12.2020
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How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage?

Warehousing logistics outsourcing is one of the most popular services among 3PL’s clients. According to the “2021 Third-Party Logistics Study”  annual report by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, about 63% of companies outsource warehousing operations to logistics providers. Warehousing outsourcing ranks second after domestic transportation in 3PL services listing.

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 2

There are TOP players in the Ukrainian market, which provide high-quality warehousing outsourcing at optimal prices. Raben, Pakline Logistics, Ekol are some of them. Moreover, as eCommerce is growing, fulfillment gains rapid popularity. Even Nova Poshta has created a separate department NP Logistics to offer the service. 

Despite companies’ need to outsource their warehousing logistics, large 3PLs rarely cooperate with SMBs, as such businesses have low turnovers, sign short-term contracts, pay a heavy price for IT-systems integrations. 

Warehousing outsourcing to all: SMBs can organize a workflow with 3PLs

We believe every company, regardless of size, has to have access to high-quality logistics outsourcing. Therefore, the WareTeka team has come up with an idea to develop the On-Demand service. 

WareTeka On-Demand is an interface, which integrates with 3PLs’ WMS systems. Thus, a company gets a ready-to-use tool to outsource warehousing logistics. Using WareTeka On-Demand is quite simple. Just register in the system, get access to the personal account, and manage warehousing operations. 

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 3

There are several stages to begin collaborating with 3PLs throughout the interface: 

  1. Register in the system.
  2. Get access to the personal account.
  3. Type turnovers per month. 
  4. Bring your product to a partner’s warehouse. 
  5. Manage operations in a warehouse in your account. 

For example, you need to pack combined products before the New Year Holidays. You contact 3PL in the personal account. Then, your logistics partner operates in a warehouse. You can track the implementation status with WareTeka On-Demand.

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 4

WareTeka On-Demand takes upon itself operating, such as signing agreements, monetary transfer between a client and partner. In this way, the service solves the problems for every part. 

Moreover, the service helps to 

  • Calculate the cost of services from different logistics providers and choose an optimal option. 
  • Communicate with logistics partners rapidly. There is no need to form order files, send 3PL, and enter information in WMS. Integration with 3PLs’ system via API helps to obtain information quickly. 
  • Track warehousing stocks. If there is a little left in a warehouse, you’ll see the information in your account and buy more products. 
  • Form and receive e-documents. They are all in the system. 
  • Control movement of goods. You always know where your products are. 

At the moment, the first logistics provider Pakline Logistics was integrated into the system. Moreover, we’ve signed contracts with five other 3PL and fulfillment companies. Now the team is working to connect them to the web-service. We plan to significantly increase the number of partners in 2021.

Peak loads are not a problem now

Holidays make a lot of people happy. But for retail and eCommerce, they are a big deal. Commonly, fall and winter are peak load times in logistics operations. Companies should care about product stocks in their warehouses. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on profits. 

That is why the WareTeka platform recently receives a lot of requests to find a temporary storage warehouse. As a rule, companies prefer to store pallet positions for 2  or more weeks. 

So, WareTeka On-Demand provides finding temporary storage warehouse services to help companies as soon as possible.

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 3

How we can help to find a temporary storage warehouse: 

  1. You contact WareTeka. 
  2. We dive into your business, learn what products you need to store, special conditions, terms, and turnovers. 
  3. Our experts search for suitable propositions from several 3PLs. 
  4. You get clear and accurate storage cost calculation per day, prices for handling, etc. 
  5. You choose the most suitable option. 

At the moment, we can provide you with information about free pallet positions in warehouses of 10 Ukrainian logistics companies. Learn more below:

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 6

WareTeka can find a warehouse to store different types of products, such as food, items, etc. We help companies to choose pallet positions in a lot of Ukrainian cities.

How to manage 3PL warehouse operations and find temporary storage? - 7

There are not only large contract logistics market players among WareTeka’s partners. Also, We collaborate with small local companies and distributors. It helps us to meet business requirements. 

Want to learn more about WareTeka On-Demand? Contact our Business Development Manager Mari Churkina

Mobile Number: +380 67 612 7661

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