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Refrigerated warehouses for rent


Rent refrigerating and freezing warehouse co...

270 грн per sq.m.
The class B refrigeration and freezing warehouse complex located in Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region is offered for re [more]
The class B refrigeration and freezing warehouse complex located in Dnipro, Dnipropetrovsk region is offered for re [more]
1,915 m2full info

Rental of freezer warehouse LLC «VINPROMHOLO...

320 грн per sq.m.
Rent of freezers: that maintain a temperature regime of -18 to -22 C, the area of ​​the chambers is from 10 m2 to 1 [more]
Rent of freezers: that maintain a temperature regime of -18 to -22 C, the area of ​​the chambers is from 10 m2 to 1 [more]
4,500 m2full info
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Refrigerated warehouse for rent on WareTeka

A refrigerated warehouse rental is a big deal for entrepreneurs that are involved in food supply and sales. Reliable and well-equipped storage facilities ensure the preservation of the quality of goods and product appearance. It guarantees business management stability and protects against financial losses.

A refrigerated warehouse is used by companies that deal with foodstuffs. Such premises provide a consistently low temperature for a deep freeze of goods.

Refrigerated warehouse rental

Refrigerated warehouses are facilities in which the temperature regime starts from -18°C. They are used to freeze meat, various semi-finished products, fruits, berries, and even flowers. It is also beneficial to use it to preserve ripening fruits. The main thing is to set the correct mode of cooling rate and maintain the required humidity. You can rent the whole freezer warehouse, one freezing compartment, or only one part of a storage facility. It depends on the volume of products requiring long-term storage at a certain temperature. WareTeka offers properties of different types and price levels. Warehouses can be sorted according to the selected criteria.

When you select a suitable warehouse you should pay attention that some equipment may be missing and you have to purchase it. It is also important to know the legal aspects of a future transaction. This will help you to enter into a lease agreement that will satisfy both parties.

In Ukraine, the lease agreement obligations, including refrigerated warehouse rental, are regulated by the Civil Code. It spells out the rules that should be followed by a tenant (the one who takes the freezer warehouse for rent) and a lessor (an owner of the leased property):

  • The written contract conclusion is obligatory. It prescribes the rented warehouse size, the rental cost, the terms of payment, the duration of the lease, the rights and obligations of the parties to comply with the agreement.
  • It is necessary to certify the document with a notary if the contract is concluded for a long period.
  • The permission to use the land plot on which the building is located must be confirmed.

The lease agreement can be terminated by one of the parties ahead of schedule if the other party does not comply with contractual conditions. In coordination with a landlord, a tenant has the right to sublet a rented full warehouse or its space if he does not use the total area or does not need it for some time.

How much does refrigerated warehouse rental cost?

The cost of a freezer warehouse for lease varies and depends on different criteria. These options must be taken into account:

  • warehouse class. They are A+, A, B+, B, C, D;
  • cost per square meter;
  • security system availability;
  • fire alarm system availability;
  • degree of mechanization and automation;
  • availability of infrastructure for vehicles: railway lines proximity, ease of access to highways, whether a warehouse is equipped with docks, etc.

Some warehouses are additionally equipped with chambers for product shock freezing. This procedure makes it possible to preserve all the product characteristics without losing their eating qualities.

By using the filter «More Search Options» on WareTeka, you can specify all your requirements, and find refrigerated space for rent that meets all your requirements.

The price for a refrigerated warehouse for lease in Ukraine is calculated from the cost of 1 m² or monthly fee. You should read the advertisements of the available refrigeration units carefully, paying attention to all nuances of the description and technical specifications. For example, by specifying the value, a lessor may indicate the price line at what cost the entire area to be taken or only the square meter. If you want to rent part of warehouse space, you should learn more about the total area and on which sectors it is divided.

Thanks to photos of a warehouse you can get acquainted with the object even before you see it live. You can see how a warehouse looks like outside and inside. It is easy to understand what kind of storage facility you see: a modern logistics complex, a reconstructed building, or an adapted one. This will help you make the right decision and give you advantages in price negotiations. Moreover, you can evaluate transport infrastructure using an interactive map on WareTeka. Here, you can see which highways are nearby, warehouse remoteness from the localities, etc.

By clicking on the ad, you can get more information about a warehouse. Here are a storage facility’s technical specifications, available equipment, and other important options.

Where can you rent a refrigerated warehouse?

Information about rented warehouses is available on various online resources: websites with private ads; regional data portals; real estate websites, etc. However, only companies specialized in warehouse rental and purchase guarantee reliable information about an object and transaction security. WareTeka specialists carefully check incoming applications from landlords. In our logistics real estate listing, you’ll find only reliable data about warehouses.

All facilities are divided into different categories, classes, types, locations, occupied areas. The type of warehouse rental is also specified. If you do not find a suitable object or do not know how to make requirements for your business specifics, contact WareTeka experts. We help you to find the best option. If necessary, our specialists can accompany the transaction — negotiate with a landlord, participate in contract signing.

On our website, you can choose a class A+ warehouse for storing products. They are upgraded premises with a ceiling height of 13 meters. The floor is insulated to prevent ice formation and anti-dusting floor covering. The warehouse foundation can withstand heavy loads of 5 tons per square meter. Such facilities are provided with the necessary special equipment, twenty-four hours security, fire safety with alerts, and video surveillance. Class A+ storage facilities are equipped according to modern warehouse logistics requirements, so the company can be sure that the goods are stored in proper conditions.

If you do not need to keep products in strict temperature mode, try a low-class refrigerated warehouse. For example, Class C premises. These are adapted areas or reconstructed buildings. They have limited characteristics and their minimum ceiling height is from 4 meters. There are also no additional facilities.

The most popular warehouses on the Ukrainian real estate market are class B and B+ storage facilities. The ceiling height is above 6-8 meters. Class B+ warehouses can have additional options such as class A facilities, but class B objects do not have a high-level technical supply.

How to buy a refrigerated warehouse on WareTeka?

On our website, you can rent a refrigerated warehouse or buy a suitable object on favorable terms. If necessary, WareTeka specialists can help choose a warehouse that will fit your business specifics. Before deciding on warehouse purchase, you should consider all technical specifications. Important options are:

  • Foundation with hydro- and thermal insulation. This will protect a warehouse floor from deformation and changes in temperature conditions inside it. It also ensures cost-effective energy consumption.
  • The roof is made from heat-resistant panels covered with sheets of galvanized steel.
  • Guillotine doors and convenient platforms that connect the motor carrier and warehouse floor.
  • Correct location of air ducts. They must have easy access, not be cluttered with shelves or located under the ceiling.

The purchase of a refrigerated warehouse is a good investment that can make you a profit with the correct approach.

On our website you can also rent a multi-temperature warehouse.

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