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Rent and sale of warehouses in Kyiv city

Warehousing services

Warehouse services in Kyiv , fresh (0-6)

Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Warehousing services

Services of B-class warehouse in Kyiv (3000 ...

Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Warehousing services

Consignment warehouse in Kyiv, 1100 sq. m.

The Ukrainian company operates certified warehouses of class A and B. Provides services in the A-class warehouse: F [more]
The Ukrainian company operates certified warehouses of class A and B. Provides services in the A-class warehouse: F [more]

Warehouse rental in Kyiv

Kyiv is the main industrial hub of Ukraine. There are a lot of large industries, centers of wholesalers, and retailers here. Kyiv is located at the intersection of international highways and connected with many countries by air and railways. Therefore, renting a warehouse in the capital of Ukraine will be beneficial for commercial companies, industrial enterprises and everyone, who aims to develop business in Ukraine.

Rent of warehouse premises in Kyiv: evolving logistics real estate market

Kyiv companies are shifting from offline to online, so the demand for warehouses is growing rapidly. Online stores need more storage space, as they cannot place part of their products on store shelves, so the load on storage facilities is growing. That’s why warehouse rental in Kyiv is a popular request among different business segments, even though the vacancy of storage facilities on the Kyiv market is very low – less than 3%.

Thanks to the development of e-commerce, urban logistics premises have become popular. It suits companies that need immediate proximity to their warehouses and products. But it is worth considering that the demand for rent of warehouse premises in Kyiv is growing, and the number of offers is limited.

A purchase of a warehouse can be a solution. There are some significant advantages for large businesses. The company arranges premises to its business needs, they don’t need to approve redevelopment with owners. The demand for warehouses in Kyiv and the price for them will only increase. Therefore, the purchase of a warehouse in the capital is an advantageous offer in the long term.

On WareTeka you can place the advertisement to sell your premises. Due to easy searching tools, a lot of potential buyers learn about your offer.

Where to rent storage facilities in Kyiv: popular locations

Kyiv has wide variations in the supply of warehouses due to its status as a capital, developed economy, and geographical location. There are offers for enterprises of various sizes and directions.

Kyiv is divided into 10 districts. The largest number of offers for warehouse rental on the right bank is in the Shevchenkivskyi District. It’s the central area of the city, there are a lot of stores here. The main roads include Shevchenko Boulevard and Prospect Peremohy, which provide access to highway M06. In the future, the construction of new roads and traffic interchanges is planned in this district.

On the left bank of Kyiv, the rent of the warehouse is in demand in the Desnianskyi District. There are wholesale and consumer goods markets here. But of particular importance is the developed industry: polygraphy, metallurgy, machinery, light, chemical, and food manufacturing. Some large enterprises are banknote printing and minting works of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyivichimvolokno, Blits-Inform holding, Darna, BMB Kompaund, Ptachofabryka Kyivska, etc.

If you are looking for an option to rent industrial properties in Kyiv, Petrivka will be good for retail. There are the city’s largest book market and consumer goods marketplace here. Petrivka has a convenient location – the Pivnichnyi (Northern) Bridge is located nearby. It is part of the Kyiv Smaller Beltway and connects both banks of the city. Another popular location for renting a warehouse in Kyiv is the Obolonskyi District. Here is based Obolon Company, the major Ukrainian producer of beverages. Due to the remoteness from the center, the rental costs are much lower in this district.

In the choice of a location to rent industrial premises in Kyiv, it is important to take into account the distance from a warehouse to the loading point, as well as highways, railways, and airports. These factors influence the transportation costs, and also the condition of the goods – the shorter their carriage, the lower the risk of spoilage.

The city is an important transport hub. There are three international airports and five railway stations in Kyiv. The main highways are M06 (to the Hungarian border), M07 (to the Polish border), M01 (to the Belarusian border), M05 (in Odesa), M03 (in Kharkiv). There are also two national roads H01 (to the south) and H07 (to the Russian border) from Kyiv.

Warehouse facilities in Kyiv: how to choose premises

In addition to the location of the warehouse, their class and type are also important characteristics. Renting warehouses in Kyiv has some advantages compared to regions. There are a wide variety of storehouses of different classes and price ranges. There are top-class warehouses A and A+, that are still a minority in the Ukrainian logistics real estate market. However, the rental price in Kyiv is higher than on average in Ukraine. You can get acquainted with the classification of warehouse properties presented in Kyiv below.

Categories of warehouses in Kyiv

  • Class A+ warehouses are single-storeyed constructions, built from high-quality metal-plastic structures. The ceiling height is not less than 13 m. The concrete floor can withstand a load of 5 tons per square meter. This class is equipped with ventilation, air conditioning, and temperature control system, as well as a fire extinguishing system and security. They also have all the necessary communications and special equipment. Class A warehouses differ from A+ by their technical parameters. The ceiling height is 10 m.
  • Class B and B+ warehouses also have warehouse equipment, security system, and climate control. The minimum requirements for them are 8 and 6 meters for storehouses B+ and B respectively. Premises of class B may not have all the necessary communications and sometimes require some investment from the renter.
  • Class C is a common type of storage facility in Kyiv. They have usually located a small distance from highways but have convenient access and a parking lot. These premises were not warehouses originally, but the rental cost for them is much lower. The ceiling height requirement is from 4 meters.
  • Class D warehouses have no special requirements. These buildings are former hangars, basements, other industrial premises for the storage of products that are resistant to conditions of the environment.

Types of storage facilities

With WareTeka, you can find different types of industrial properties for the different needs of your business. If the temperature is important for the storage of your products, you should pay attention to the freezer and multi-temperature warehouses. Dry and warm warehouses maintain optimal humidity but cannot control temperature. For products that don’t require special storage conditions, unheated warehouses and land plots will be suitable.

In Kyiv, you can combine the rent of an office and a warehouse. There are offers to rent whole logistics complexes here. In addition to warehouses, there are offices, staff rooms, sorting centers, car washes, service stations.

Rent of a warehouse with ramp in Kyiv

The availability of warehousing equipment is an important factor in the choice of storehouses. You can save money by renting an unequipped warehouse, but suffer losses because of long and inefficient loading and unloading of goods. Therefore, companies who want to optimize warehouse operations should rent a warehouse with a loading ramp. This is an inclined area where you can load and unload goods directly from vehicles. The speed of handling charges will be increased due to this equipment. It positively influences the speed of delivery and, as a result, the profitability of the company.

Rent of a cold storage warehouse in Kyiv

In 2020, the demand for food delivery has increased significantly. The business had to meet the challenge: to find cold storage warehouse. Only this type of storehouse can ensure optimal food storage. The placement of products in the warehouse is important – each type of foodstuff must be stored separately. The location of the warehouse should be as close as possible to the final customer. The company’s transportation costs and the speed of delivery depend on this.

Rent of a warehouse in Kyiv on WareTeka

To find a suitable warehouse for rental in the short term, use our platform. We offer to choose a warehouse on the WareTeka website. Thanks to filters, you can sort variants on criteria. Also on the interactive map, you can see the location of all suitable options and choose the best for your business.

If you have any questions, you can contact our support chat. Our experts will help you and make the selection of the warehouse for you as comfortable as possible.

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