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Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region

WareTeka explores business request, provide detailed cost estimation, helps to match the most suitable logistics services, and consults you on every stage of your partnership with a 3PL provider

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 2
    553 500+
    м² of storage
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 3
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 4
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 5
    30 800+
    Vacant pallet

    Warehouse Benefits in Kyiv

    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 6
    Fully equipped with modern warehousing systems
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 7
    Proper storage conditions for any type of goods guarantee
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 8
    Full range of material handling services
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 9
    Great location with major thoroughfares and highways
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 10
    24/7 access to your goods
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 11
    Extensive infrastructure
    Matching and Providing Your Business
    with Warehouse Services

    Storage and Warehousing

    The full range of services to store and process your palletized freight on an outsourcing basis. WareTeka matches an appropriate warehousing partner right for your business

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    Develop your business while your fulfillment provider ensures your logistics processes: from storage and processing to delivery. WareTeka matches the right partner for you

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    Wondering how to deliver small palletized consignments in different cities? WareTeka matches an appropriate cross-docking partner

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    Having a large volume of orders to pick for your B2C consumers? WareTeka matches a logistics partner for the flow-through distribution

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    Willing to extend average order value or pack product bundles during high-day seasons? WareTeka matches the best co-packing partner right for your business

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    Bonded Warehouse Services

    Are you engaged in commodities import or export? WareTeka places your goods on storage and selects a bonded warehouse services partner

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    Integrated Logistics Services
    (storage and delivery)

    Store and move your goods with a single 3PL provider to avoid expected losses in your supply chains. WareTeka matches the right partner for integrated logistics services

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    Going to outsource special services such as labeling, localization, marking, packaging?  Outsource the processes with your 3PL provider, and WareTeka matches the best one 

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    Renting/Purchasing Warehouse

    Going to establish and manage your storage facility by using your resources? Just contact WareTeka to match the most suitable warehouse

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    Working With any Types of Goods
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 12


    Proper storage conditions are the key to maintaining the quality of foodstuffs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage of such goods

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 13


    Household chemicals can affect other goods’ properties. So, make sure to follow commodity neighborhoods’ rules. Explore how WareTeka helps

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 14

    and Perfumery

    Just one type of cosmetics can have hundreds of SKUs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage and picking processes of such products

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 15


    Consumer Electronics is a high-priced and fragile type of goods. Discover how WareTeka establishes the best conditions to store and handle consumer electronics

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 16


    One vehicle has more than 100 000 auto-parts. Learn how WareTeka creates flexible and fast solutions to store and manage an auto-parts range

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 17


    You need a specialized warehouse to store and process pharmaceuticals. Explore how WareTeka can help

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 18


    Building materials have different specifications and dimensions. Learn how WareTeka helps to undertake storage and picking processes of these products

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    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 19

    and many other
    types of goods

    Haven’t found the types of goods you need? See the full list and learn what solutions WareTeka offers for other types of goods

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    Warehouses to store everything you need
    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 20

    from +6 to +25 C°

    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 21

    from 0 to +6 C°

    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 22

    -18 C°

    Warehousing services in Kyiv and Kyiv Region - 23

    from -18 to +25 C°

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      The price for warehousing services in Kyiv depends primarily on the volume and terms of goods storage. If the service includes a goods safety guarantee, it also affects its cost. To arrange warehouse logistics in Kyiv and to be sure of freight safety, many companies use the service of storage and warehousing. The price for this service is higher because the provider takes additional risks for goods.

      Logistics providers frame their rates. That’s why warehouse logistics services costs in Kyiv can vary. Generally, 3PL’s rates table consists of 4 attributes. They are storage price per day, acceptance, and material handling costs. 

      It should be noted that there are multiple goods storage options in a 3PL warehouse. For example, fulfillment providers can accept freights by boxes or pallets and store them in pieces, while some 3PLs work only with pallet freights. 

      Thus, the bigger goods turnover, the highest warehouse logistics services cost in Kyiv.

      Kyiv is an industrial hub of Ukraine. There are a lot of large industries, centers of wholesalers, and retailers here. Thus, warehouse outsourcing in Kyiv is in great demand. 

      Among the most popular logistics services in Kyiv are: 

      • Outsourced warehousing and storage. It’s the service for companies with many volumes by pallets coming. 3PL warehousing allows to reduce storage facilities maintenance costs and pay only for the place a company’s goods occupy in a 3PL warehouse. 
      • Fulfillment. The service is relevant for online stores and B2B companies that work with small pieces of goods.
      • Cross-docking. The service is in great demand among companies that focus on fast delivery in multiple destinations. 
      • Co-packing. The service becomes relevant in holiday seasons when a logistics provider can pick up promo kits. 
      • Complex logistics. It’s a service for companies that are willing to fully outsource their transportation and warehousing logistics. 
      • Bonded warehouse services. It’s relevant for importing and exporting businesses. 

      Also, companies can request value-added services in Kyiv, such as picking, labeling, and bar-coding. 

      Logistics outsourcing in Kyiv is a requested service among small and medium-sized businesses. It is not profitable for such enterprises to develop their logistics, rent a warehouse and hire additional employees. To optimize costs and get high-quality logistics services in Kyiv, these companies contact 3PL providers. Using resources and experience, a logistics partner solves all the tasks connected with storing, processing, and delivering products.

      Moreover, warehouse outsourcing in Kyiv is relevant for enterprises. For example, multiple logistics providers manage warehouse logistics for big retail chains. The partnership depends on goods types and business tasks. 

      Logistics outsourcing in Kyiv is profitable for companies that try to focus on their core activities, as they can avoid financial and timing investments in logistics for a start. That may take a few years to develop a distribution network, while a 3PL provider can solve all corporate logistics challenges. At the same time, a company can focus on its core activities to develop customer service, increase sales levels, and promote its business. 

      If a business is interested in warehousing services in Kyiv, it makes sense to pay attention to outsourcing. In this way, it can reduce costs of warehouse rental and maintenance, purchase of equipment, staff salaries. The logistics provider undertakes all these tasks. In addition, the customer can be sure that the requested service (cross-docking, fulfillment, co-packing, etc.) will be completed fully and on time.

      Among other benefits of logistics outsourcing are:

      • Flexible cooperation. Before starting a collaboration, a company and reliable logistics provider discuss contract details, such as cooperation terms and conditions, operational interaction, dispute resolutions, etc. So, the contractor adapts itself for every client’s requirements. Moreover, if the cooperation proves ineffective, the company can always outsource its logistics to another 3PL. 
      • Uninterrupted operations. Despite hired workers, 3PL focuses on key performance indices. So, an outsourcing logistics partner will provide a company with effective logistics processes even on weekends, holidays, or peak seasons. 
      • Customer satisfaction. Consumers became more demanding in delivery conditions. The state is particularly true for million cities. Logistics outsourcing in Kyiv helps companies to increase delivery speed, avoid order processing delays, and improve customer satisfaction. 

      So outsourcing logistics services in Kyiv is a profitable investment. 

      Leading 3PL providers offer logistics services in Kyiv, so a company can choose a partner that fully meets its logistics needs.

      For example, such well-performed market players as Pakline Logistics, DB Schenker, Zammler, UVK, Diad Logistics provide warehouse logistics services in Kyiv. Among their offerings are outsourced storage and warehousing, fulfillment, co-packing, bonded warehouse services, LTL transportation, etc. 

      Try WareTeka to request proper logistics services in Kyiv. We’ve collected information about the effective prices and conditions of multiple logistics providers. Our platform helps to quickly match logistics outsourcing partners and request relevant services. To find the best possible option, we explore your business needs, goods turnover volumes, proper storage conditions, and distribution network. More than 30 logistics operators with storage space in Kyiv have been collaborating with WareTeka. Our platform helps to request logistics services for any segment — from FMCG to pharmaceutical. 

      If your company exactly understands what logistics services in Kyiv it needs, press the “Get started” button and fill the form. Type your name, phone number, and select warehouse and service types. Note when your company is going to place its goods in a 3PL warehouse. Select product type. WareTeka will contact you in a few minutes to match the best possible logistics partner from multiple offers.  

      If your company wants to outsource its logistics, but can’t clearly define business requirements yet, then choose the “Request a Consultation” button or fill the form above. Our manager will contact you to become more familiar with the tasks your business is facing. Moreover, we support you during contract negotiations with 3PL for a better deal. 

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