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Warehousing services in Odesa

WareTeka explores business request, provide detailed cost estimation, helps to match the most suitable logistics services, and consults you on every stage of your partnership with a 3PL provider

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Warehouse Benefits in Odesa

Warehousing services in Odesa - 6
Fully equipped with modern warehousing systems
Warehousing services in Odesa - 7
Proper storage conditions for any type of goods guarantee
Warehousing services in Odesa - 8
Full range of material handling services
Warehousing services in Odesa - 9
Great location with major thoroughfares and highways
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24/7 access to your goods
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Extensive infrastructure
Matching and Providing Your Business
with Warehouse Services

Storage and Warehousing

The full range of services to store and process your palletized freight on an outsourcing basis. WareTeka matches an appropriate warehousing partner right for your business

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Develop your business while your fulfillment provider ensures your logistics processes: from storage and processing to delivery. WareTeka matches the right partner for you

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Wondering how to deliver small palletized consignments in different cities? WareTeka matches an appropriate cross-docking partner

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Having a large volume of orders to pick for your B2C consumers? WareTeka matches a logistics partner for the flow-through distribution

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Willing to extend average order value or pack product bundles during high-day seasons? WareTeka matches the best co-packing partner right for your business

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Bonded Warehouse Services

Are you engaged in commodities import or export? WareTeka places your goods on storage and selects a bonded warehouse services partner

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Integrated Logistics Services
(storage and delivery)

Store and move your goods with a single 3PL provider to avoid expected losses in your supply chains. WareTeka matches the right partner for integrated logistics services

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Going to outsource special services such as labeling, localization, marking, packaging?  Outsource the processes with your 3PL provider, and WareTeka matches the best one 

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Renting/Purchasing Warehouse

Going to establish and manage your storage facility by using your resources? Just contact WareTeka to match the most suitable warehouse

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Working With any Types of Goods


Proper storage conditions are the key to maintaining the quality of foodstuffs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage of such goods

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Household chemicals can affect other goods’ properties. So, make sure to follow commodity neighborhoods’ rules. Explore how WareTeka helps

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and Perfumery

Just one type of cosmetics can have hundreds of SKUs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage and picking processes of such products

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Consumer Electronics is a high-priced and fragile type of goods. Discover how WareTeka establishes the best conditions to store and handle consumer electronics

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One vehicle has more than 100 000 auto-parts. Learn how WareTeka creates flexible and fast solutions to store and manage an auto-parts range

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You need a specialized warehouse to store and process pharmaceuticals. Explore how WareTeka can help

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Building materials have different specifications and dimensions. Learn how WareTeka helps to undertake storage and picking processes of these products

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and many other
types of goods

Haven’t found the types of goods you need? See the full list and learn what solutions WareTeka offers for other types of goods

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Warehouses to store everything you need
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    Logistics services in Odesa are in demand among companies that work in manufacturing, trade, and building construction industries. The largest Ukrainian commercial seaport is also located in the city. All this creates the demand for such warehouse services in Odesa as:

    • Fulfillment. Online stores often don’t have their logistics, so it is more profitable for them to outsource customers’ orders processing. Other companies, whose main activity isn’t B2C, also order this service.
    • Outsourced storage and warehousing. These services are used by companies of different sizes. Businesses can store their palletized freight in a 3PL warehouse and pay for the space their goods occupy. 
    • Cross-docking. It doesn’t make sense to store some products in a warehouse for a long time. So companies that need to form and send goods to a certain location quickly select this service.
    • Flow-Through distribution. This service is used by enterprises that need to transform large and small consignments into orders to specific customers. 
    • Complex logistics services. This service is selected by companies that are interested in the entire supply chain control by a single contractor.
    • Co-packing and value-added storage. They include a wide range of services: marking, stickering, barcoding, packing, and repacking. Companies may order them separately or as a part of other warehouse services.

    Bonded warehouse services are especially popular in Odesa due to the port of international importance proximity. Goods for export and import require customs processing, and so it makes sense to outsource warehouse logistics to experts.

    The price of warehouse logistics services in Odesa depends on several factors. The most important are storage duration, weight and dimensional characteristics of the goods. If the product is heavy or of a non-standard size, its storage and processing cost can be higher. However, it should be noted that some services are suitable only for products in a certain format. For example, fulfillment providers work with small-scale goods, and only palletized freights are accepted for outsourced warehousing and storage.

    The number of warehouse operations in a service influences its final cost. Such operations can be receiving, loading and unloading, sorting, selection, assembling, etc. If a 3PL provider assumes responsibility for goods’ safety, service will cost more. However, it makes sense in the case of expensive, fragile goods processing. If a freight needs special storage conditions such as a certain temperature regime or humidity level, it also influences the service price. The service type matters as well: rare and specialized services cost more.

    The service cost of warehouse outsourcing in Odesa is set by logistics providers. So, prices for the same services can vary. In addition to basic services, companies can request additional services such as stickering and barcoding. If a provider can provide them, it will close the company’s need for an additional fee.

    The trade sector is of great importance to Odesa. Online and offline retailers need to store and process their products. It isn’t profitable for small and medium-sized businesses to rent and run into operation a warehouse, especially if volumes of goods are small. In this case, logistics services outsourcing in Odesa allows closing this issue efficiently without additional expenses. A business pays only for the needed service, without overpayment for unused space in a warehouse.

    Also, logistics outsourcing in Odesa is a good solution for companies that want to expand and explore new markets. While a business isn’t sure that the expansion will pay off, 3PL providers’ services allow closing the logistics issues until further prospects are clear. Outsourcing enables companies to focus on more important tasks: promotion, new market researching, customer engagement, etc.

    For importing and exporting businesses, it is important to arrange quality customs clearance, obtain necessary permits, control goods along their route, and select a suitable vehicle. It can be a challenging task, which requires high expertise in this specific activity. 3PLs also provide bonded warehouse services and professionally solve issues related to document preparation, payment of customs duties and fees, route planning, goods control, and placement in temporary storage and bonded warehouses.

    Outsourcing of warehouse logistics in Odesa is actively evolving. Many companies realize that a delegation of their processes isn’t a loss of control over an essential part of a business, but a strategic decision that allows gaining an added advantage.

    The main benefits of warehouse logistics services are:

    • Logistics quality improvement. Logistics is a specific industry that requires knowledge, resources, and infrastructure. 3PL providers have and use all this to arrange their clients’ logistics.
    • Productivity growth. When a company delegates some tasks and focuses on its core business, it can launch new products, implement projects, and develop effective business strategies without having to solve secondary issues.
    • Logistics costs reduction. 3PL services may appear to be expensive. But to build own logistics is much more expensive. Using outsourcing, a company doesn’t need to invest in the logistics department, warehouse rental, equipment, and consumables purchase. It only pays for the result, and if it doesn’t like it, it can outsource its logistics to another contractor. 
    • Customer service improvement. Correct assembling, fast order processing, and delivery are important factors in the struggle for the client’s loyalty. However, it is a difficult activity that demands many resources. Providers will assume all this.
    • Easier to adapt to seasonality. Seasonality is common for many companies. In a low season, there is no necessity for many staff members, while in a peak season the need for labor increases dramatically. Logistics outsourcing allows paying only for those volumes of services and at that time when they are needed.

    Therefore, warehouse outsourcing allows solving a wide range of tasks and developing business regardless of its size.

    Quality outsourcing of logistics services in Odesa is essential for many companies. Professional 3PLs can close the logistics issues of any business. Regardless of the goal — expansion, focus on the core business, the need for additional resources — they solve these tasks competently and quickly.

    Providers that offer logistics outsourcing services in Odesa — DB Schenker, Zammler, Afina Group, UVK, Raben and many others. They provide fulfillment, outsourced warehousing and storage, cross-docking, bonded warehouse services. Each 3PL offers a wide list of logistics services, so a business should formulate its request to get a suitable solution.

    WareTeka cooperates with logistics providers according to the principle similar to Uber. Our goal is to select a suitable contractor for the company. A client comes on our site with a request and fills the special form. WareTeka’s experts contact a customer, analyze business needs. We know the terms of cooperation of different providers, their specificity, and prices, and we select the best solution in a particular situation without imposing a specific 3PL. Therefore, a company gets a ready-made solution to its logistics issues.

    We also provide warehouse logistics services in Dnipro.

    There is a wide range of warehouse services on the market. There are only general tips on which services are suitable for which segment. For example, fulfillment is a good solution if your company deals with individual orders to specific consumers. Trade networks can need a cross-docking service for the fast delivery of their goods to different cities. But other nuances should be also taken into account before selecting a service.

    WareTeka helps to quickly select the best options for the outsourcing of logistics in Odesa and start cooperation with 3PLs. Now more than 30 different logistics providers collaborate with our platform. This allows us to find the most suitable option right for your business.

    If your company can’t decide on the necessary service and define criteria for 3PL providers, fill the “Request a consultation” form on our platform. Our specialists offer suitable cooperation options for your case.

    If your company exactly understands what services of outsourced warehouse logistics in Odesa it needs, you should submit a request on our site. You have to fill the “Get started” form, where you specify your contact details, type of product and warehouse, the date of arrival in a 3PL warehouse, and the needed logistics services. This information allows finding the most suitable solution for your request. Our specialists contact you and suggest cooperation options for your situation. After your company selects a provider, we accompany you during contract negotiations.

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