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At first sight, packing services for shipping is a minor detail. It doesn’t have a particular influence on delivery speed, doesn’t increase the sales level. This is the view of aspiring entrepreneurs, who have just begun to realize the importance of branding and product packaging services for improving customer service.

 It’s very easy to lose clients due to improperly packaged goods. For example, a company processes an order for a fragile and very expensive item. The cargo was transported in a container, which doesn’t absorb hits. A client received the damaged order, so next time he will buy from another company. 

To keep customer service on a high level, an entrepreneur should take care of the professional packaging services, which will protect the goods with any characteristics. 

If you can’t avoid damage during transportation, contact 3PL providers  for packaging services.

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Packaging in logistics

3PL companies offer a full cycle of logistics outsourcing, from orders processing to safe cargo delivery to a consumer. As value-added services, they provide packaging logistics.Logistics providers include packaging services as a part of their standard complex of operations.Packaging service from a 3PL provider will help a business to:

  • Increase the purchase volume from consumers. The informational function of the package helps buyers to know about important product characteristics. The better a consumer is familiar with the qualities of a commodity, the most often they buy. 
  • Make a product more presentable. Some logistics providers offer pre-sale preparation services. The flawless goods in the packages, that catches the eye, are sold better.
  • Identify a product. Labeling on a package helps transportation companies and consumers. Carrier receives information, which prevents loss of the goods on the way. And a customer receives the main goods qualities list.
  • To choose an optimal container. In the warehouse, a package is selected taking into sizes and qualities of goods. 3PL operators take responsibility for cargo safety during transportation. The risk of cargo damaging is minimized.

Logistics packaging from 3PL providers is the solution, that chose more than 25% of Ukrainian companies. Logistics providers guarantee safe, secure, and efficient material handling.

Functions of packaging in logistics

Traditionally, containers and package in a warehousing system have 4 functions:

  • Protection. The goods can be damaged during transportation or be stolen by the employees, who process an order. The packaging helps to avoid these problems.
  • Transportation. This function helps to optimize truck space. Depending on the size of goods, warehouse employees choose a package or container, which will protect cargo from a hit during transportation and will not occupy a lot of space. 
  • Information. A package helps all supply chain members to identify cargo, tells about the main characteristics of the goods, such as size, functions, storage conditions, etc. Containers are labeled with barcodes to track products during warehousing operations. 
  • Marketing. Numerous researches show that a package in business plays a key role. The design has a direct influence on choosing a product by consumers. It attracts, builds the first impression, increases brand recognition. 

Types of packaging

Today rigid, semi-rigid, and soft types of packages are used to transport goods:

  • The rigid packages are made of plastics, metal, wood. It is used to transport sensitive to shipping conditions goods.
  • Semi-rigid. It’s the containers made of thick cardboard or paper. They greatly absorb hits, so are used to transport domestic appliances and fragile items (for example, dishes).
  • Soft. It’s a film or paper. This type of package is used for the carriage of the small goods consignments, that don’t need special transportation conditions.

Warehousing and packaging are the two areas in logistics systems the most energy cost occur. That’s why entrepreneurs prefer to outsource these processes.

In Ukraine, the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses often choose packaging options, as 3PL companies include it in the standard scope of services.

Are you seeking a partner for the packaging of your products? WareTeka has collected the list of logistics companies, which offer this service.

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