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Warehouse services in Kyiv , fresh (0-6)

Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Description The Ukrainian logistics company offers storage in a class B warehouse. Services are provided at the war [more]
Warehousing services

A-class fresh warehouse services in Boryspil...

The Ukrainian company operates a certified Class A warehouse for fresh goods in Boryspil. It provides services:  Fu [more]
The Ukrainian company operates a certified Class A warehouse for fresh goods in Boryspil. It provides services:  Fu [more]

Fresh warehouse — cold storage facilities rental on WareTeka

If you are engaged in supplying and selling products, you need a convenient and reliable fresh warehouse. Cold storage enables preserving taste value and good product appearance. Nowadays, a fresh warehouse rental is in great demand, as the food market segment in Ukraine has been growing rapidly.

Fresh warehouses in Ukraine

Fresh warehouses are storage facilities where the temperature cannot be obtained if only the air-conditioner’s capacity is used. There are different thermal conditions areas in such warehouses. It is necessary to store different products by optimal conditions. Generally, 70 percent of warehouse space is occupied by medium-temperature rooms and 30 percent by low-temperature rooms.

According to these criteria, fresh warehouses are divided into two groups:

  • medium-temperature warehouses. They are intended for the storage of alcoholic beverages (+11°C), chilled meat products (from 0 to +2 °C), dairy and fermented milk products (from 0 to +2°C), vegetables (permissible temperature up to +6°C);
  • fresh warehouses with low-temperature rooms. There are different temperature zones in these storage facilities, including low-temperature areas with a temperature regime from -20°С to -25°С. They are usually used for the preservation of frozen meat, dairy butter, fish, ice cream, and similar products.

If you need a modern cold storage facility, you should rent a medium-temperature class A warehouse in Kyiv. Such premises are mechanized and equipped according to all warehouse logistics requirements. Class A warehouses are fully suitable for fresh products cold storage.

It is possible to maintain the necessary temperature regime within the range 0 to 6 °С in such complexes. You can store meat and fish, vegetables, ice cream, and different semi-finished products in these warehouses. Generally, cold warehouse storage is divided into several chambers, where a constant temperature is maintained and possible fluctuations are eliminated. By renting a fresh warehouse in Kyiv you can be sure of your product preservation.

Warehouses with chillers rental

A fresh warehouse can be built, bought, or leased. Its construction is expensive and takes at least a year. In the long term perspective, it is profitable, and you can try to find an investor. But as practice shows, a business is not ready to invest in such projects. Such a decision can have serious risks.

You can buy a ready-to-use fresh warehouse, which also requires a lot of investments, such as equipment purchase, maintenance, and employee salaries. It is very expensive. Then your warehouse purchase can pay off. But this is related to the risks. If you buy a pre-owned warehouse, you can face challenges with old equipment. It can result in product spoilage and repair costs.

Fresh (or cold) warehouse rental is the best option. In this case, you can get maximum efficiency at minimum cost.

Fresh warehouse rental benefits are:

  • You do not have to worry about equipment repair or refurbish it. All these matters are regulated by a landlord.
  • If the sales territory of a company constantly changes, it is possible to rent a warehouse considering the optimal location.
  • You can sublet free space in a cold storage warehouse if your products do not occupy the whole storage area.

Nowadays, fresh warehouse rental is the best option for a business that does not want to buy expensive logistics real estate. Although it cannot be completely excluded that the rental cost may increase over time. Maybe you should purchase the missing equipment for your needs.

How to select a fresh warehouse for rental?

Before selecting a fresh warehouse to rent you should decide on the requirements for a storage facility. First of all, it is necessary to consider your business needs. Among the most optimal conditions are a ceiling height of at least 10 meters and a movable racking system. This enables rational use of warehouse space.

It is important to learn more about floor protection from temperature fluctuations. If your fresh warehouse is divided into several temperature zones, temperature fluctuations can occur. This resulted in floor deformation. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to provide underfloor heating or build a ventilated basement under a low-temperature room. These measures prevent temperature variations and warehouse floor covering deformation.

A dock gate will be a benefit. It’s also good if they’re equipped with a dock leveler, a platform that connects a motor carrier, and a warehouse. Loading boxes and containers will be easier. Dock shelters help to reduce the temperature difference between a car body and a warehouse wall during loading. It is necessary to pay attention to these details if you want to rent a fresh warehouse, for example, in Dnipro.

It is advantageous to rent a storage facility with loaders and freight lifts. Warehouse construction also matters. The building must have a metal frame construction. The walls must be sandwich panels, made from liquid polyurethane. Encapsulated joints prevent overload because of temperature changes. Air coolers should be located between the racks and closer to the ceiling.

The doors must be provided with a plastic thermal screen to avoid the harmful effect of the external air and temperature imbalances inside the warehouse during loading and unloading operations.

Additional advantages that can facilitate warehouse operations are offices, video surveillance, and fire safety systems with alerts, and round-the-clock physical security.

Fresh warehouse rental on WareTeka

If you are looking for a fresh warehouse rental in Ukraine, you could wonder where to find a storehouse for lease and be sure of a secure transaction. You can search on sites with ads but it’s better to apply the aggregators. WareTeka is the first platform in Ukraine that specializes in logistics real estate. We cooperate only with certified warehouse owners and sellers. Our experts thoroughly look over the objects placed in the online catalog of fresh warehouse rental.

Qualitative photos taken from different angles allow looking in detail at the location, access roads availability, a warehouse outside and inside. Each item has a detailed description indicating:

  • warehouse type and class;
  • total area;
  • ceiling heights;
  • storage temperature regime;
  • fresh warehouse rental cost.

Detailed filters allow you to search according to the required criteria and quickly find a suitable option by pressing the key «Search». The interactive map makes it possible to estimate the location and plan traffic flows. If everything is okay, fill in the online form with the required contact details and wait for our manager’s call to discuss further actions.

Any website visitor can always request help in selecting a cold warehouse for rent and all the necessary documents preparation for full or partial rental. Legal support by a contract execution is guaranteed. It has legal force and allows solving disputes in the legal sphere. The document shows the exact address, size of the leased fresh warehouse in Kharkiv or any other city, registration data, etc. If you rent an object for three years or more, the contract must be registered at a notary.

On our website you can also rent a refrigerated warehouse.

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