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Rent and sale of warm warehouses

Warehousing services

Class B warehouse services in Dnipro (11500 ...

The Ukrainian logistics company operates certified A, B-class warehouses. Provides services in a B+ class warehouse [more]
The Ukrainian logistics company operates certified A, B-class warehouses. Provides services in a B+ class warehouse [more]
Warehousing services

Consignment warehouse in Kyiv, 1100 sq. m.

The Ukrainian company operates certified warehouses of class A and B. Provides services in the A-class warehouse: F [more]
The Ukrainian company operates certified warehouses of class A and B. Provides services in the A-class warehouse: F [more]

Warm warehouse for rental

Renting a warm warehouse is the optimal choice for a business, which needs a warehouse with a constant temperature of from +20 °C to +30 °C. To achieve optimum conditions, in such premises heating systems are installed and thermal insulation materials are used for their construction.

For manufacturers, renting a warm storage warehouse is the best option. Different product groups can be stored on the premises, for example:

  • Wood products.
  • Furniture.
  • Metal products (to minimize the risk of corrosion, you should monitor the humidity).
  • Building materials.
  • Fabrics.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Consumer electronics.

It is not possible to store in warm warehouses foodstuffs for which it is important to maintain a strict temperature and humidity regime.

In summer, warm storage warehouses can maintain a temperature of up to +30 °C, and up to +20 °C in winter. If a warehouse was built with the use of thermal insulation materials, the maximum temperature of +25 °C can be reached in winter.

For products that require special humidity, you can rent an ambient warehouse.

What is a warm warehouse?

A warm warehouse is a storage facility where a heating system and special insulation materials ensure a constant temperature. These types of storehouses are also air-conditioned and ventilated. Heating can be local or central.

Warehouse insulation can be achieved by using such materials:

  • Polyurethane foam is a heat-resistant, lightweight, and durable material that is applied with spraying. It prevents a thermal bridge emergence and a condensate formation. As a rule, polyurethane foam is used in the arch frameless construction of a warm warehouse.
  • Sandwich panels are one of the most popular options for heat insulation. These panels have low thermal conductivity and meet all fire protection requirements. Due to their high strength and lightweight, they do not create load on the warehouse frame. For heat insulation of the tent warehouse, flexible sandwich panels without steel sheets are used.
  • Foamed polyethylene is produced by lamination. Advantages of this material are easy installation, reliable heat, and noise insulation, affordable price.

A polymer coating is used for the floor. This prevents heat loss. The use of thermal insulating materials allows maintaining a stable temperature at any time of the year and also saves on heating costs.

Warm storage warehouses features

  • Heating and ventilation systems availability. This allows controlling temperature and humidity for stored goods in a warehouse. A ventilation system is used to protect against overheating and draughts.
  • Possibility to keep warm inside the building. It is difficult to maintain a stable temperature in a warehouse in winter. In addition, due to the constant use of heating systems, electricity bills are increasing. In modern warehouses heat-insulating materials save warmth. One of the most common methods is sandwich panels usage.
  • Use of polymer floor coverings. Concrete floors are typical in warehouses. However, they dissipate heat. Therefore, constructing warm storage warehouses, some owners additionally make self-leveling floors. They allow keeping heat.

Since it is necessary to use additional equipment and materials to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions, the cost of warehouse maintenance is higher. However, renting a warm warehouse allows preserving the consumer properties of the goods.

The WareTeka platform helps you to find a warehouse for your business needs. Here you find offers for renting a warm storage warehouse. To sort and view only the relevant offers, use the filters system on the site. We show warehouses all over Ukraine, help to choose storage facilities according to class, needed space, and offer options for full and partial rental.

Warm warehouses benefits

Warm warehouses are ideal for products that cannot be stored at low temperatures and have to be protected from high humidity, moisture, corrosion, and mold. This is especially important in the storage of metal products, as well as for expensive goods such as consumer electronics and musical instruments. Due to the special microclimate in such warehouses, you can be sure of your product’s preservation regardless of the external conditions.

Another important advantage of warm storage warehouses is the price-quality ratio. The cost of renting or purchasing these premises is higher than, for example, cold warehouses. However, you should take into account that the construction of such warehouses is more expensive and that storing the goods under inappropriate conditions will lead to damage and substantial losses. In addition, heating costs in a warm warehouse are affordable due to the use of thermal insulating materials.

Warm warehouses are resistant to environmental conditions. Therefore, there is no need to repair a warehouse or invest in expensive maintenance. Using the right approach to selecting a warm storage warehouse for rental and purchase a business gets good warehouse space for an adequate price.

Buying a warm storage warehouse

If a company has well-developed production and has reached stable sales levels, it can buy a warm warehouse and adapt it to current needs. This type of commercial real estate is in demand among a large number of business segments. Warm storage warehouse purchase enables installing additional equipment and improving the structure of the premises.

On WareTeka you can see warm storage warehouses for purchase. We update the list of storehouses daily. Use the “Sell” option in the drop-down list “All Actions” to see only relevant offers.

We publish announcements from warehouse owners and trusted brokers, so you don’t deal with unscrupulous sellers. You can also rent a multi-temperature warehouse on our website.

Where to find warm warehouses for rental or purchase

Finding a warehouse can be time-consuming. This is because the logistics real estate market is closed and information about objects is extremely difficult to get. Searches on websites with private ads can not be ineffective because of unverified information. This can be risky, especially in the case of a large investment such as a warm storage warehouse purchase.

WareTeka platform is the best option for searching warehouse properties. Information and photos of warehouses on the website correspond to the reality; there are many variants of premises in different cities of Ukraine on the platform.

WareTeka specialists recommend you pay attention to such factors when you select a warm warehouse for rental and purchase:

  • Warehouse class. Warm warehouses can be of classes A+, A, B+, B, C.
  • Warehouse space. You can specify the space that you need. If it is not necessary to rent the whole warehouse, you can choose the option “Partial” in the drop-down list “Rent type”.
  • Availability of additional equipment and other options such as security alarm, video surveillance, parking, etc. You can specify this in “More Search Options”.

These and other criteria can be set when searching for a location on WareTeka. Thanks to this you see only those warm warehouses that are suitable for your company’s needs. You also should pay attention to the interactive map with the warehouse location. On it, you can see the proximity of the warehouse to highways, railways, other important objects, as well as to production and end consumers. The right warehouse location will reduce transportation time and costs.

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