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Just transfer your freight for 3PL provider, and pay only for the place your good take in a warehouse

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Outsourced 3PL warehousing services are a transferring of your cargo to a logistics partner for safe storage and processing

If you own and operate your warehouse, you need to pay the rent, provide security, control all processes, hire and retain staff.

Storage and warehousing services by 3PL provide you with great opportunities to reduce operational costs. You pay only for the place your goods take in a partner’s warehouse and for the performed operations. Your freight is fully safe from losses and damages.


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Returns processing

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Dispatching and shipping

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Controlling and assembling

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Warehouse rental

You pay for the whole warehouse space, even if you have empty shelves

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Storage cost per month

Storage and warehousing

You only pay for the place that your goods take

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Storage cost per month


WareTeka provides you with

Advantageous conditions

Goods storage from 14 days and 10 pallets

Loading ramp and lift

Fast and comfortable freight loading/unloading

Warehouse operations 24/7

Order delivery and assembly services around-the-clock

Shelving storage

Goods placement in different formats

Security and video surveillance

Video fixing of everything that happens in a warehouse

Wide warehouse network

Placement of goods in any point of Ukraine

Working With any Types of Goods


Proper storage conditions are the key to maintaining the quality of foodstuffs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage of such goods

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Household chemicals can affect other goods’ properties. So, make sure to follow commodity neighborhoods’ rules. Explore how WareTeka helps

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and Perfumery

Just one type of cosmetics can have hundreds of SKUs. Learn how WareTeka undertakes storage and picking processes of such products

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Consumer Electronics is a high-priced and fragile type of goods. Discover how WareTeka establishes the best conditions to store and handle consumer electronics

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One vehicle has more than 100 000 auto-parts. Learn how WareTeka creates flexible and fast solutions to store and manage an auto-parts range

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You need a specialized warehouse to store and process pharmaceuticals. Explore how WareTeka can help

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Building materials have different specifications and dimensions. Learn how WareTeka helps to undertake storage and picking processes of these products

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and many other
types of goods

Haven’t found the types of goods you need? See the full list and learn what solutions WareTeka offers for other types of goods

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Warehouses to store everything you need
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    Outsourced storage and warehousing services are a freight transfering a logistics provider for safe storage. It is a range of services including unloading and receiving the goods in a warehouse, processing, packing/repacking, loading, and shipping. If goods are returned, a 3PL provider accepts them and guarantees their safety. Moreover, a logistics company can provide additional services. All terms of cooperation are specified in the agreement.

    Using 3PL warehouse services a business does not need to rent warehouses, purchase equipment, maintain proper storage conditions, and hire personnel. This service may be advantageous also for companies that require seasonal storage or property storage while moving.

    A 3PL services warehouse is a facility where 3PL storage and warehousing services are provided. In such a warehouse, freight safety and goods storage under indicated in the contract сonditions, are guaranteed.

    Such a warehouse has to meet all requirements of modern warehouse logistics and demands continual investment. Logistics providers organize all this by themselves, offering customers a place for safe freight storage. 3PLs may have many warehouses for different types of products and special equipment, such as racking systems and warehouse equipment. The handling equipment availability enables efficient warehouse operation. Special software implementation facilitates more accurate inventory and fast communication between provider and customer.

    Also you can use fast flow services

    Outsourced storage and warehousing services are goods placement, storage, and processing in a 3PL warehouse. All this time a logistics provider is responsible for a customer’s freight. The main advantage of the service is cost-saving. A customer pays only for the place that his product takes. If a customer owns or rents a warehouse, he always pays for the whole warehouse space. Using 3PL warehouse services it is also easier to get additional storage space, if necessary. 

    Thanks to outsourced warehousing, a business can concentrate on its core activity. A 3PL takes on all warehouse logistics tasks and ensures freight safety.

    Selecting a provider that offers outsourced storage and warehousing service may be challenging. There are a lot of non-professional and professional service providers on the market. So a business has to select a contractor responsibly.

    A customer and a logistics provider have to enter into a contract. A customer must pay for the services regularly, and a provider is responsible for goods storage. If the goods are lost or damaged, a contractor is obliged to refund them. Professional logistics providers bear increased responsibility for goods damage, loss, or spoilage. They have to compensate a customer for goods damages in all cases, except for force majeure or customer’s fault.

    The price of outsourced storage and warehousing services depends on goods turnover, as well as on the 3PL provider rates. The location of a warehouse and storage duration also matter. 

    Outsourced storage in a warehouse consists of many operations, each of which has its price set by the logistics provider. These can be both standards, such as unloading of goods, acceptance, assembling, and additional. Such cooperation is beneficial to both sides. A customer is sure of freight safety and a 3PL can earn more.

    Thus, many factors influence the final service cost. In any case, a business does not overpay for unnecessary space and services.

    You can order 3PL warehouse services from logistics providers, or 3PLs. WareTeka cooperates with reliable logistics companies and offers you an individual solution.

    Cooperation with different service providers has its specifics. Large 3PLs have a wide warehouse network with a profitable location near highways. Their storage facilities are modern, well equipped, and suitable for storing different goods. However, their services may be expensive. 

    Smaller logistics providers also provide quality services and their prices are lower. But such 3PLs may not work with all types of products, so it is necessary to make it clear with a contractor in advance. 

    Selecting a logistics partner for outsourced storage and warehousing can take a long time and be risky. So it makes sense to look for a 3PL on WareTeka. Our platform brings together logistics service providers and businesses. 

    If you want to order 3PL storage and warehousing services, you can submit a request on our site. We do not impose a specific service provider but help you to compare and choose the best option. Thanks to our 3PL-providers listing and our experts’ experience you will get an individual solution right for your business needs.

    Also we have cross docking services. 

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